The winter chill was fast and painful for the two travelers. The journey to walk around the high scopes of the world was draining. Ice mounted on Chisoutsa as she worn a rich white fur coat as she pulled her sword cutting down ice and snow in front of them. It was silence and eerie where the Soul Mountains were. Most lives were lost here over the years where people have failed to reach the Convoitise Castle. Skeletons of these lost souls were shown under her feet and in the walls of the mountain sides where they cried in pain and fear of their travels.

Hew floated behind Chisoutsa feeling the cold too and thinking of the Vampire who took his life. He looked around the sides where vampires would pick off the dead like vultures which they were on their knees, begging for death to come. The par reached a clearing where Hew stopped Chisoutsa and they listened for any noises in the silence.

“Nothing here yet Chisoutsa, there’s no sign of trouble. It’s very quiet for some reason. I wonder where the vampires are,” Hew spoke slowly.

“They’ll come out to play when they want to,” Chisoutsa answered walking on.

The darkness watched over Chisoutsa and Hew as a haunting shadow. Smiling upon them and rubbing its hands. Shadows started to move in on Chisoutsa. She started to breathe heavily sensing something was watching her. She stopped Hew in his tracks and tried to get a breather. Hew noticed a red shadow appearing behind Chisoutsa. He was speechless as a head appeared with grinning smile and teeth ready to strike Chisoutsa’s neck. Hew pointed behind her and she sharply turned around pushed the vampire shadow to the ground. A massive boom shook the grounds of Soul Mountain where dozens of vampires flew around the mountain side. She watched in fear as the vampires circled the pair and charged in for the attack.

“Fight them all!” she cried out loud.

Chisoutsa pushed a number of flying vampires away as she charged her sword through another. Hew floated through a number who were running up the mountain side and slashing into them with his sword. The noise of the screaming vampires was unbearable when Chisoutsa edged to the end of the mountain side. One dark vampire pulled her to edge and scratched her arm. Angry and challenged she pulled out her gun and fired a couple shots. However being told before, the gun wasn’t working. She fell off the edge and caught on with her hands.

“Hew!” she screamed for him.

“Oh! I can’t hold you. I have to use someone to get hold of you!” Hew cried out.

Hew floated and banged himself into the vampire attacking and showing far more skill then other the Richard we know of. He grabbed a vampire and pulled it to Chisoutsa’s reach. She grabbed the vampire’s foot and pulled up to safely for now. A dark figure appeared at a mountain top stretching out his arm with a ring displaying a monster ghost on it. The vampires saw the dark figure and slowed their intense fight with Hew. A green and red flash of light cracked the ground from the ring of ghosts and Hew was shocked and fell to the ground. Hew lifted his head to see the figure.

“Curse you to hell. You shall not kill me twice!”

Chisoutsa heard those words and spanned around to see the Lust Vampire lowering himself to the same ground as them. His rich and powerful red jacket blanketed the white snow as he watched Chisoutsa.

“So they found me some new blood to taste. A young girl and a weak ghost to defeat me, is this all the great Allegheri can do now?” Convoitise said.

“I’m the slayer of the demon lord Censilo and the same will happen to you,” Chisoutsa replied.

“Censilo was much talk and no action. Take me down if you can,” Convoitise challenged her.

Chisoutsa pulled out her gun and fired shots again at Convoitise. He moved in and the bullets did nothing to harm him. She then cut him with her sword and he didn’t receive much damage. A raised eyebrow looked upon the young challenger. Hew slowly lifted himself up to watch. The vampire lord held Chisoutsa with both of her hands and ran his tongue along her neck.

“There is such movement and skill inside you. You are strong and come from the demon background. You have a terrible past Chisoutsa, I can tell,” he spoke softly.

He pulled her to a side and threw her towards the mountain ice wall and it smashed open. She fell down a long and black hole. Hew turned around and rushed to the hole. Convoitise used his ring of ghosts again and struck Hew. He fell into the hole. Te vampire lord yelled out to his followers.

“The girl is dead. Patch up the hole and they will never exit the mountains again!”

Hundreds of vampires flew down and started to work on the hole. Convoitise had some of Chisoutsa’s blood and tasted some, “Such a waste of life. Allegheri is alone now. He must fight me for the crown of the Death Lands. It is starting to become too easy this task I have. Victory comes to those who deserve it.”


The familiar sky line appeared around Alan Richards and Mr. Umezu when they crossed into the City of Demons. The Black Vixen slowly stopped outside a Bar where Alan took himself outside of the car.

“I think that’s it. We can’t go any further now. We are out of petrol and power. It’s too damaged to go on.”

“I’m not going to push the bloody thing you think. I paid people in my life to do the dirty work,” Mr. Umezu replied.

Smoke and steam blew out of the Black Vixen heavily. Mr. Umzeu jumped out of the car and waved the smoke away from him.

“Your inventions always ended up like this.”

“It doesn’t help when the owner of the car continues to smash the car and not look after it,” Alan complained.

A chef came out of the Bar and greeted the two travelers from the Death Lands and looked at the car.

“it’s the Black Vixen and what are you two doing with her?” asked the man.

“Hey isn’t that Tyrell?” Mr. Umzeu asked.

“It is. How are you? We are trying to get in contact with the Professor. Can you help us?” Alan asked Tyrell.

“Anything for Chisoutsa’s friends!” he cried happily and took them both into the Bar.

Inside Tyrell worked with his oven and Alan had phoned for the Professor to come to see them. Mr. Umzeu looked around the place and saw the people having a drink and food.

“Not bad looking. I guess my taste is too rich for this,” Mr. Umezu.

“Hey, aren’t you the bay guy?” Tyrell asked Mr. Umezu cleaning plates.

Mr. Umzeu cleaned his glasses and looked up at him, “I’m not the bad guy anymore… I’m retired,”

“Oh! Good for you then!” he cried.

“Yeah, good for all of us,” Mr. Umezu muttered.

A large truck pulled up next to Tyrell’s Bar and two girl climbed off from them. Alan and Mr. Umzeu came outside to see the noise. Muri and Yuri greeted them and then Professor Walken came out from the truck.

“I thought the girls would come in help with the repairs,” the Professor spoke. He stopped towards Mr. Umezu, “What are you doing here?” he asked surprised.

“I’m helping this time. I’m not trying to kill anyone. I found Chisoutsa in the Death Lands. That daughter of yours loves trouble,” Mr. Umezu.

“I hope you will keep to your word. How is Chisoutsa, Alan?”

“She’s doing well. She’s been assigned to kill the Vampire Convoitise,” he answered.

“The Convoitise? I wanted her to find adventure but not this. Who in the world would want him dead?”

“Irasil Allegheri. He said he knows of you,” Mr. Umzeu piped in.

“Allegheri? He’s here in our world. I want to see him. When the Black Vixen is completed I want to come with you,” Professor Walken said.

The Professor walked past them and entered Tyrell’s Bar. Alan turned to Mr. Umezu with questions in mind.

“What was that all about?”

“Maybe there’s a score to settle with him. You just never know,” Mr. Umezu spoke grinning.


A small fire lit up inside the snow mountain where two bodies were resting. Hew moved the fire over Chisoutsa body and he tried to help her. He moved his hand towards her face and his ghostly touch past through her.

“She will be ok. I have to try to melt the snow away to get out of here,” Hew said.

He moved the fire at the snow and it started to melt away as a clearing came to sight where they were stuck on the side of the mountain. He checked for any vampires and none he did see. The coldness made Chisoutsa turn and she woke up to see Hew outside of the trapped mountain. She followed him holding her face from the headache she was carrying.

“Where did he go?” she asked him.

“Back home I would say,” Hew answered looking at the falling snow around them.

“We have to reach him,” Chisoutsa said tiring.

“You can’t. You’re too weak. Your gun was useless. You need to learn how the vampires fight. If only you were shown,” Hew said.

“We’ll see one soon. Sooner or later Convoitise will run into trouble,”

The falling snow dropped on Chisoutsa and Hew as they imagined their impossible task of reaching the Convoitise Castle where the army of vampires ran wild and free.