Over a large farm site and long driveway was the sounds of a small spaceship circling a small house in the middle of no where. Nippy and Fyn had traveled and arrived at the place where the Witness was living at. Nippy landed softly on the ground in the middle of the long and winding driveway and Fyn jogged out of the ship looking up at the house. “It’s a cozy little place. Wait here Nippy I’m going to visit someone who can help us understand things more.” Nippy’s screen symbols showed a thumbs up icons as Fyn waved his hand at him, “Oh your funny sometimes Nippy” he joked as he made his walk up the driveway. He came upon the baloney where The Witness came out of his house and looked at the man. “Hello my name is Fyn how are you?” he said reaching out his hand to shake The Witness’s hand however his hand started to glow white sparks again and he quickly pulled it back, “Oh I’m so sorry. That’s been happening to me for the past day or so. I can’t seem to help it.” The Witness was curious to know who Fyn was really was. He showed his hand and it started to glow white sparks and dust too. Fyn’s face pulled back for a moment, “You’re not that special around here and you’re not the first to come here in s spaceship. What is your other name? The name you were given?” he asked. “They called me The Universe Guardian – well two of them did,” Fyn answered.

The Witness was quiet and looked out to see Nippy packed in the driveway, “So you have come to find out more about what you supposed to do. I never thought they would actually create The Universe Guardian but here you are and for a reason. The Spiritual Guardians must have thought now was the time to find someone worthy. Who were the beings that you saw?” he asked. “They were called Ises and Heva- do you know of them?” “They were the beings who traveled in a music box to watch over this universe and others.All that I know is that they have been keenly watching us for a long time and nudging us in the right direction when they felt like it. What do I know is that I know plenty about the Universe Guardian position. It was a old idea dreamed by beings such as them but never used. It seems that Ises and Heva wanted to have someone to have a more direct hand in matters in the future. Because these beings don’t like to be in direct contact with us often and rarely, they called upon you to do their job in their absence. This is a role that no one else has and  now you have it.” The Witness said.

“So I know that my hand is like the key is opening these portals right? But what else can I do with it? Is it just that? I’m not really a warrior or anything like that. I can’t really fight you know?” Fyn questioned. The Witness nodded and understood where Fyn was coming from, “They didn’t want to pick someone who would be of combat. They wanted someone who would their heart and mind and not their fist to solve problems. Peaceful discussions is a better way. Your powers will enable you to take alot of damage due to that you are a Half Spiritual Being like myself and a couple others that I have know in this world. It means you use your power to defend yourself but it will drain your energy,” The Witness raised his hand and his white glow painted pictures in the air. Fyn watched on with interest and wonder. They were like art paintings in the air.

“Each time you and your spaceship  use the powers to travel you do lose energy. With good rest and sleep you will recover fine however if you enter too many worlds or come under attack and are forced to use your powers you will fall into a coma – a half spiritual being sleep to recharge yourself. You can be killed during your coma and this is why your spaceship was also chosen for the role. It will guide and protect you when you are in trouble and mortal danger. I sense a special connection between you and that ship over there.” The Witness explained. “We are close, we have known each for the past year. He’s mostly be on ground when I was building him but we have learnt from each other.”

“Ises and Heva knew you would come here to gain my assistance and for that I will help you. It will take time for you to understand your powers and how to master those abilities. I had a vision of the music box the other night in my dreams and a number of code which I suggest you might know about it. It’s a universe code to a place.” The Witness said as Fyn took the number and pulled out something from his size too large jacket. “This is Nippy’s calling card phone. I can auto control him when I need and give him directions.” He pressed a number and the card lighted up, “Nippy type in this number I’m sending you now. I want to see something.” Nippy rose slowly upwards a few meters and the blue engine cannons appear flashing a yellow color  Fyn read the notes on the calling card phone about why it was yellow. “It says here that where this world is in a dying universe. That in a few days it will be destroyed. But the number suggests it was from the Author’s War. I’m confused.” Fyn read out and thought out loud.

“I know it’s from the world of where the Commander came from. He was a mystery figure who helped out the many people who came from different universes to fight a spiritual guardian of massive strength and mind power. Your first job is to save them before they are destroyed. When Valentine Blackburn who is the spiritual guardian of despair discovered there was was a unknown universe trying to reach out and help. The destiny of you happens to save this universe – returning the area and the Matrix Champions Planet back to it’s rightful spot. The timeline is written is that you are successful in your mission as The Universe Guardian. However your timeline of events might have caused this trouble and for The Author’s War changed timeline of losing the war could happen. Your origin goes is that in the books I read is that you were visited by Ises and Heva on Earth as they have to everyone else. Is this true?” The Witness asked.

“No, I was visited when in a lost universe. I was hit by this space dragon and I still don’t know why the spiritual guardian.. oh my, if he could kill me and Nippy than I don’t help the Commander and he can’t help the other people in the war and they lose. It’s like a snowball effect. I have to watch myself in this dying universe. This timeline has been played out yet. The spiritual guardian of despair has used time travel to defeat them. I have to help,” Fyn said willing to do what he could to save them. He waved goodbye to the Witness and was keen to not mess up in this new job. He climbed into Nippy and the spaceship shot up into air and into the strange yellow portal that opened and closed. What dangers would they see?