My travels had taken me across to the deserts of a safe house where Daniel Phoenix and Vincent Lamour were ready with information regarding Valentine Blackburn. The entire group had reformed expect for the ThunderDragon who had returned to save his powers while he was being drained from the death of his element brothers. The safe house was a warehouse buried deep undercover as one of the areas that Phoenix kept when his UFO investigation became too hot and he need to become ‘off the radar’ from the government. There was a couple dozen chairs with everyone sitting waiting for the two of them to address them. I was in the front row with Wizard, Chisoutsa, Professor Walken and Percy Cyber who was curious to see what the update was.

“Evening everyone it’s been a hard time learning the deaths of the three that fought in the past war and the deaths of the weather elements. We believe have the information that links all these events together and it will finally make sense for everyone who has been trapped in this strange war that we have been forced into. Vincent and I have found a book about this man’s tales and how it all connects. Let me please begin.

In the middle of the 1600’s Valentine Blackburn was a known writer in his time. He was a genius of remembering novels and stories and he had enjoyed writing books on myths and legends back in the day. However all was what it seemed about Valentine. He had a dark side to him that many people didn’t know of. He had a thirst for power and to find a way to use his creative side to turn it into a powerful weapon against those who he hated. He becomes a criminal in his time because of something he found. Something that no one believed was ever true but was and no one in history believed it.

His search for a way to turn a simple writer into a powerful figure turned upwards for him when encounter a special book pictured here,” Daniel said starting the story holding up the image of a thick wooden book with a unknown symbol. Most of the audience in the room was blank on the book, by the look of it no one had seen it before.

“The special book had words telling him it was the most powerful object of all existence. Every universe, every world you could ever dream of, all of that power was inside this book. It also believed that a person of creative talent could the master of everything and help unlock it’s secrets in the book for total control over the universes. It is said it was created by the soul breakers. The body found  that was called Gladus was a soul breaker. Their talents was to cut deep inside people’s soul and destroy them with words. For all the fear and sorrow they gave it was returned in power. The book’s power is all the deaths, fears, sorrows, and evil ever done is placed inside those pages. You can imagine the sheer that has over people. It explains why Valentine could easily open portals and have a tower of that much electricity if you had the most powerful object of all time in your corner wanting to win for you.

He exchanged his soul for the use of the book. He needed to become a soul breaker and in so had to eat the heart of a soul breaker. The book told me of the frozen body hidden away in the dark forest and so he trekked all the way out of to deep the cold heart of him and ate it to become something that no one had ever dared to want to be. Now that he was a soul breaker he could start to use the book’s powers. His second order from the book was to murder and use the blood of his victims to write his journey from a successful writer to letting in the darkness of his soul and desire and begin his quest for total control. We discovered the sad story that…” Daniel told looking to a visually upset Vincent by his side for a moment before turning back to the group.

“That Vincent Lamour’s childhood friend was one of the people that were murdered. He was the only one too that was learning the murders and sins of Valentine Blackburn. He was closing in to trap him when sadly his plan failed and he was the final person of five victims that Valentine needed to kill and writer into the book.

The final order which is now happening is he revealed back than he that wanted Valentine to sleep for hundreds of years until a time when the book was able to use the blood of the good to take the blood of all. He was to sleep until he awoke. He was told the book’s title and name was called ‘The Author’s War’. While Valentine could use its powers and cause massive damages we have seen everywhere so far.  The book needs to have an official war to be fought across the universes of time and space in order for the three steps to be taken to help Valentine become God. The book allowed him to choose a rival writer as it started in the book’s rules that death of this writer’s soul and its blood used to seal the book’s power and finish the war story and for him to win everything and the deaths of everything we know.

This is the Author’s War and Chris is the key to defeating him. To defeat him, we must kill him and destroy the book and the war will be over. However Valentine has the same desires of the book. Both want the same result and he is near immortal which dwarfs anything we that can throw at him. This the greatest war we will ever live in and we won’t we live to see it through,” Daniel explain finishing the story.

Everyone is the room was dead silence, Roger the Barbarian looked down at his broadsword as if it was a toy useless against the grand odds that Phoenix has told everyone. Fear had come to Chisoutsa’s face as Professor Walken placed his hand on the side of her face with a father’s smile. Percy Cyber had his face buried in his hands for man who knew many answers he had none. Hayden Normal leaned back in his chair in shock, he had seen paranormal sprits and many scary moments in his life but nothing shook him to the core like this. Wizard had his worried face on him. He had been through the most battles and wars than anyone else in the room but in the face of this he had a tired look bout him and that this was too much him.  My mind was blank. I felt like this was the ending that this was the story that was going to kill everyone. One voice did decide to speak from the back of the room.

“So the story tells of a immortal all powerful book in a deal with a completely evil serial killer writer to win a war to control all that exists. Are we really going to give up because of a fucking writer? No hard feelings on you kid,” aid the voice to me.

“None taken Mr. Umezu,” I replied.

“Look at the talent in this room. Not only we have the great Chisoutsa here, but her father and the leader of the Xtreme Squad. We have legendary Legomen who have fought what a fuck load of battles and had more experience than anyone that I know of. We have the best investigators who cracked this case in record time that took people hundreds of years and never got to the truth, a group of expert time travelers, and a barbarian who comes from a world who knows how to fight dirty to win. My old business motto was to win at all costs and side with the winner. That’s why I backed Chisoutsa over the demon lord years ago but for the first time I’m backing the ones who are the underdogs. The ones likely to lose. Why is that that you ask of me? It’s because it’s the first time I decided to do the right thing and over the years the Professor, Charles Thompson, Lucas Walken, Chisoutsa, Allegheri – those names showed me that anything that is thrown against them they fight to the end for it and that’s a good thing. They showed me up a few thing when I thought they couldn’t do it. It’s better to die in battle than to give up everything that you fought. It would have been a waste of fucking time if you did that,” he told the group in his usual way of saying things.

“Yeah everyone has fought things in the past but this is different on a grand scale. We did it in our own universes but this is on the biggest level that anyone could dream of. Look I investigate the paranormal, what use would I be or Daniel or Vincent.        This isn’t a war that we should be fighting in. Let the experts do it,” Hayden complained to Mr. Umezu.

“This is everyone’s war. War comes to everyone and it shows no mercy to anyone,” Roger replied behind him.

“You three did crack this investigation into Valentine. It would have taken someone like me weeks to figure this one out and it would have been too late,” Lucas Walken told Hayden.

“For hell’s sake I’m just a business man and I’m here. I know how to make things. That’s pretty much my skills here. Everyone here has different skills they bring to the table,” Mr. Umezu argued.

“I would like to remind people that the old Legomen was always about teamwork and using the best of everyone. Sure we did things differently to others but we always respected each other of what skills we had. Most of us maybe older now but we are wiser for what we went through many years ago. Our world is being kept safe by the very same people,” Wizard added in on the discussion.

“Why not, why not just have a go at this. I would die trying than sitting in the corner waiting for this shit to come get us,” Chisoutsa replied to everyone.

“We would have to work better as a team and make sure everyone knows their role. I believe our next plan should be to stand by to see what Valentine will be up to. For the moment there is no one here that truly knows what he plans,” Professor Walken said.

A mobile phone rang into the middle of all the discussions that was being had and Hayden grabbed it out of his pocket and answered it.

“Yes hello. Ah Sonia what’s up? Turn on the television? Alright I think someone here can turn on the television here somewhere?” Hayden asked.

Daniel walked over and turned on a old television and turned to a news channel. Everyone stayed in their seats and watched the news report.

“The terrible attacks from two dragons having appeared have shocked the world to its core. Now there are growing threats from the planet itself. Worldwide reports are coming in that the environment’s health has nosed dived in the past six to eight hours. Trees are turning black, all the leaves in bright summer have fallen to the ground and extreme reports that the planet is losing its heat. We will keep everyone informed of these breaking news moments as they come to hand.”

“So Sonia saw the news that the weather is being affected by the death of the elements so how bad is this?” Daniel asked the group switching the television off and looking back at them.

I stood up trying to think of the what will happen according to the death of the elements. It was worse than bad, it was a crisis in the making.

“The ThunderDragon’s power is weakening. When that happens and with the power of the elements gone the sun will blacken out and there will no air, no trees and the earth will be like a dead rock with life at all. The sun will be blacken out before we will stop breathing it will some time before that happens but this could have not happened at a worst time,” I replied to everyone .

“Doesn’t the ThunderDragon have these crystals that he spoke of?” Lucas Walken asked me.

‘Yes he does but even with that his own powers were weaken by the events of The Author’s War. Nature needs time to heal the wounds. In times of war you don’t get that chance,” I answered him.

“There might be a way to solve this mess quickly and easily,” Percy Cyber said to the group.

“We would love to know this idea of yours. Like hell anything else could work,” Mr. Umezu replied rudely.

“We could use time travel. Go to the 1600’s before when Valentine found the book and get rid of him. Now that might be seen as murder but what choices do we have?”

“Wouldn’t it make more sense to just go when the book was discovered and destroy it then and there? As Mr. Phoenix said the book needed time to draw the blood’s powers over hundreds of years to have the strength to carry out these attacks through the use of Valentine,” Lucas argued.

“We have never used time travel to solve our issues, even your father Percy Dr. Cyber said the use of time travel can create dangerous ties to the future. When we battled Zare all those years ago we only used time travel when he changed to change our past and even he knew there were certain events not to play with,” Wizard responded to Percy.

“Zare was not as powerful or far reaching as this person is. We have to take some form of action now and not later. Something to cut him at the knees,” Percy said getting frustrated.

The tapping of the cane was heard from the side of the room and Professor Walken was thinking, “I would believe this Valentine would have checked out everyone in this room. Have read all the books that Chris has written to gain insight into who we are. Now that doesn’t mean he knows everything about us but only knows what we have done in the past and not the future. We are writing the future as we speak He will use our disadvantages to his strengths. Is there such a thing as a time block or a way he could stop the means of time travel?” he asked Percy.

“There are some areas that he could do that. The book could have helped Valentine in blocking time travelling to certain periods and yes he may have thought of that already. He may have even blocked traveling to other events, when he took Gladus’s heart to become a soul breaker and even very recent events of the past year. The preparing for war to come, retrieving the bodies of Morcar and Draken too. We are back to square one I guess,” Percy answered sounding as defeated as the rest.

Chisoutsa stood up and waved her arms at everyone, “Hang on, what if we time travelled to a point in time that no one thinks is important?” she suggested.

“How does that work?” Daniel asked her.

“You had that book about Blackburn right? Vincent’s friend was killed so he never completed whatever investigation he did into him. Why don’t we travel to see the person who put the book together and talk about what else he knows about him.”

Everyone in the room was quiet for a moment slowly there was a few nodding heads around the place, “That’s a good idea. When people do reports like this there’s normally same things left out. There may be something that might not important or of interest that later on in time becomes important. Both Hayden and I have come across that plenty of times. The report book was made in 1922 by man called Tom Smith. Pretty standard name by the sound of it but can we find him is the big question.”

“We can find him indeed,” smiled Dr. Cyber who had been hiding in the corner seat listening to everyone, “We only have to contact the publishing house and find out his address from there.”

“Then it’s settled for our next plan. Is there anything else that we need to do?” Percy asked everyone.

“Everyone doesn’t need to go back in time to follow this up. There is the problem of trying to catch Valentine. I’m sure we will see him travel by himself becoming more focused on battling us but the problem of the moving tower keeps us guessing. We must find a way to ground the tower or limit the way it moves him around with ease. If we can trap him we can pin him and destroy the book too.’ Professor Walken explained to the group.

“That would require a powerful spell or magic to do so, Lucas might not be able to do that but maybe Wizard could,” Dr. Cyber suggested.

Wizard tossed his head at the suggestion of the idea sitting next to me, “It’s not possible in the areas of magic that I could do that. I would like to do but I just couldn’t.”

I turned around curious about his answered and whispered to him, “What do you think you can’t do it. You are the most powerful wizard that I know of.”

“My magic does have limits, especially in these events you can say. This could be solved through technologies or something to that effect,” Wizard answered in a rush.

I turned away unsure of why Wizard wasn’t keen to use his magic to help with the war. I knew in the past he only used his full powers when the time called and maybe he sensed this was not the time to do so.

“So Chris you are the leader I suppose on all of the movements of this war. Should we go ahead with this?” Daniel Phoenix asked me.

“Well I’m a leader by force not choice. I will go along with anything this group suggests. I mean I’m not a expert on any of these things. I’m just the writer. It would be nice to see what this person back in the 1920’s has to say about Valentine. It could be something important or not,” I answered him.

“Finally the boredom is over and we can do something. I felt like I was going die listening to all of you crapping on about stuff,” Chisoutsa said jumping up and stretching out.

“Why don’t Hayden, me and Dr. Cyber go for this trip alone. It would be nice to talk to the old doctor about time travel and compare notes on things,” Daniel said out to the group.

Dr. Cyber came up in his white lab coat and grey hair with his black glasses smiling at the young investigators, “That sounds like a great idea to me. Its people like you that keep me young and I hope we crack this little nut of ours and find out some secrets. Because it’s always fun to find new things aren’t it?” he asked everyone.

“It always is,” answer Vincent Lamour out from the front of the room with a wry smile still thinking about lost of his friend.

The decision had been made and that the new plan would be to gather more information on Blackburn and how it all leads to today.