The luck of the draw has been kind to the Seasons Trilogy crew as the author for the novel has put a two day early release date in order to push the novel out of the production doors. This has come as the editing progress has ended and the illustrations are full steam ahead for release day. Seasons of the Moon which was expected to be released on the 8th of October experinced the early two day release date because of two reasons. The printing session will begin earlier and promotions of the novel is needed to be achieved during the school hoilidays in Australia. Both giving time to Ticehurst and others to promote the novel and the illustrastions in the next fortnight.

During the book release the author will also discuss to the illustrators about their progress and what form should be made for the illustrations of the novel. Ideas have been a special web site, artbook, DVD release and other releated ideas. No word has been said about where the novel will be promoted which is the only concern that the author haves until the release day. “This is important for us to get the right places in Canberra and in Australia to kickstart this novel release. I think there will be some surprises in store for the trilogy.” Ticehurst comments on the affair.

During the month of October there will be two to three international chat days where Ticehurst will promote the novel on the internet to his fellow India and United Kingdom ties. Ticehurst’s new That Column… wil be released within the first four days of October. “People just need to watch the the web site and the Forum as well as Writersmuster to get the latest news over this final two weeks of waiting.”. Only a fortnight for people to finally see what Seasons of the Moon is really all about.