Two brand new stories will be released this week with Super Bakery Sisters coming out tomorrow despite there is still no artwork completed for both series. Super Bakery Sister’s stories will be released with their respected Story Profile and The Alien of the Phoenix will be released on Wednesday with or without artwork. It’s important to continue to push out releases since the this web site was launched in Feb this year.  With more alien investigation tales and the first move into younger readers with Super Bakery Sister there ins’t much news about after these two releases.

There is still six months to go and there is a focus on working on two new story series. One will be a stand alone and the other could likely go both ways in terms of if it would be a series or a stand alone story like The Legend of Evermore for example. There is also the Nintendo Ninjas podcast which was given a major boost with some support from Facebook and new artwork released last week. I will be showing more information on my promotion ideas and social networking plans in the next few days too. It will be a busy week here on the web site!