Lucas and Jasper were in the warehouse section putting together weapons and as they were waking up from the long night of partying.  Jasper was cleaning out some guns at the table next to the whiteboard Lucas set up with photos of criminals and the blank image of Akuryou. To the far end of the warehouse was a large black and silver jeep with a machine gun attached at the back end of designed by Yuri.

“So did you get with Kuzuki like you said you wanted to?” Jasper asked.

“Oh yeah man it was quickie and I was pretty drunk. What about you and Yuri?” Lucas replied.

“Shit yeah, we were going at it for a couple hours down here. Smart and sexy girls they are,” Jasper answered.

He turned around to the TV screen to the corner of the warehouse as he eyed off a breaking news segment, “An explosion has happened at one of the Government building south of Chinatown. There have been reports of at least three deaths and panic has set in from the locals as gun fire has started.”

“Shit, we need to go down. I’ll get the girls and you start the jeep,” Jasper shouted.

The four of them jumped into the jeep and the warehouse doors opened up with both Kuzuki and Yuri at the back working on the machine gun. The jeep drove along the busy streets of Chinatown and Lucas saw the flames of the government building in question with a dozen of men firing guns in the air. The smoke was hard to get through as Lucas and Jasper jumped out of the jeep and headed towards the firing men. Akuryou appeared from the smoke and ashes and watched Lucas and Jasper fighting the men out of the building.

“So there’s a new hero in town. No time like the present to meet them,” he said to himself.

He turned and saw Lucas in the distance and targeted him lifting up his sword. He bashed into Lucas and stabbed into his shoulder blade. Lucas back off for a moment to regain his movement and saw the figure in the blue shirt and jeans.

“You must be Akuryou, the quiet one,” Lucas said.

Akuryou gave a small smile, “You know me already and you must be Lucas Walken. I thought all the Walken had left The City of Demons by now. But you are the one that lives in their shadows. Your story would be greater if you wanted to control the city yourself. You could do that if you liked.”

“I’m not like or the others that have come before you. I’m only here to put you in jail,” Lucas replied.

Akuryou looked somewhat disappointed in his answer, “Well if that’s your answer then take this!” he shouted and bashing and pushing Lucas away from his way. He ran off towards a car with his ally Ben inside. The Jeep turned the corner firing the machine gun by Yuri on the back with Kuzuki driving it. Akuryou jumped into the car and turned to Ben.

“Have you got what I needed?” he asked.

“Sure do boss, shall we go now?” he asked him.

“Yes before we get blown apart. The brother of Chisoutsa could be a thorn in our side,” he answered.

The jeep turned around and gave chase to the car driving down into the main highway bridges. Akuryou appeared from the side window of the car to shot at the jeep while Yuri and the machine gun focused on the wheels of the car. Ben kept dodging the bullets by moving the car into traffic and keeping it a distance from the jeep and the machine gun. Lucas moved to the back of the jeep and watched Akuryou carefully.

“Might be time to give him a magic spell or two,” he shouted to Jasper.

“Oh a magic show, let’s that now,”  Jasper cried back.

Lucas stretched his arm out and a couple ice balls shot with a high speed. Both shots missed the car by inches. The car turned a quick corner onto another section of the highway. Kuzuki turned the jeep around and crashed it through the protection barrier and landed with a thump onto the road closer to Akuryou and Ben. Lucas moved around on the jeep and decided to aim at Akuryou to freeze his arm from shooting back at them. Lucas shot off a couple ice balls at Akuryou and he turned to face them. The ice balls bounced off his arm and it came heading back towards the jeep’s wheels. Kuzuki quickly turned the jeep around on its side on the highway as the front wheels were frozen solid stopping it in its tracks and while the car drove on and away from the Xtreme Squad.

“That wasn’t the magic show I was expecting,” Jasper said while the others shook their heads getting their minds back in order.

Lucas stepped down from the jeep on the highway and looked into the distance where Akuryou had escaped. There was clear disappointment on his face. The Xtreme Squad wasn’t able to catch two men in a small car.

“No human can bounce off magic like that and I don’t know how that happened. We have to regroup and go back to base and worked out what went wrong,” he told the squad.


The Xtreme Squad returned back to their base with their tails between their legs after a weak display and letting Akuryou getting away. Prime Leader with two government officials was at the warehouse waiting for them as they arrived. Lucas and Jasper jumped out of the jeep as Charles Thompson came up to them.

“They got away and I saw it on the News channel. The deaths in total were six in the end. What happened out there?” Charles asked.

“We tried to chase him down but it didn’t work also the magic didn’t work on him too. It might not be human after all,” Lucas replied.

Charles shook his head and didn’t believe it, “That can’t be because the medical reports we have of him clearly shows he is pure human so he’s not a wizard or a demon in any case unless he’s been affected by something.”

“He can’t be human if magic doesn’t affect him. That doesn’t make sense. Is there anyone who can check this information out? This all sounds funny to me,” Jasper said.

Kuzuki and Yuri came up to the group and listened in to the discussion, “You know maybe The Librarian could help us. He knows a lot of the history of The City of Demons and is sometimes teaching at the Uni since a year ago,” Kuzuki suggested.

“That might be something you should Lucas. The Librarian is the only source of information we have left now that your father is gone and Allegheri the Vampire too. There is a higher security alert on my safely because of this attack and on the people and you need to get to the bottom of it fast. I will see again soon,” Charles said. The Government officials helped Charles out of the warehouse section with Lucas and the squad watching on. Work needed to be do