The large shadow of Tekkonro stalked over the Death Lands. Chisoutsa and her growing group of allies run down the castle hill as she heard the voice of Jiko crying out. Jiko was making his way up the dusty slopes of the hill. She turned towards his voice and was surprised.

“Jiko, how did you get here?”

“I was traveling here. Besides the Professor and the vampire guy I met are going after this Tekkonro guy. I’m still confused about it but it looks like you never needed saving,” Jiko answered.

“I’m the one who does the saving here,” Chisoutsa replied.

Mr. Umezu pointed up at the sky and nudged Chisoutsa, “There goes your Black Vixen. How are they going to catch a massive ghost like that? I thought I seen everything.”

“I have no clue. This wasn’t included in my training,” Chisoutsa said.

Alan stepped forward and popped out a device from his long pockets.  He held it up in front of the group, “I’m hoping this will work,” he said.

“And that is,” Chisoutsa replied.

“It’s like a video phone expect it boots straight to the Black Vixen. I like to see what they are doing to stop Tekkonro,” Alan answered.

Alan booted the Video Vixen and the face of Professor Walken appeared.

“Is that you Alan? I didn’t know there was a screen for the car,” he cried out.

‘There are always secrets about that vehicle Professor Walken. How are you dealing with Tekkonro?” Alan asked.

“Allegheri and I have worked out a plan that there is circle type looking cage that was used for the catching of Tekkonro the first time. We have to get that cage and catch him in it,” Professor Walken said.

“Come over and collect Chisoutsa too, “added Allegheri, “Tekkonro is heading towards the village to attack it.”

“Come over here and get her. I’ll tell you how to get that cage with the Black Vixen,” Alan said.

Alan turned off the Video Vixen and the Black Vixen turned back and returned back towards the Convoitise Castle. The Vampire Lust appeared near the group and rubbed his chin in thought about Tekkonro. Frithdar saw the vampire and backed away from the group and headed towards him. The Black Vixen hovered in the air and tilted towards Chisoutsa and Alan.

“Now flip the yellow switch under the steering wheel,” Alan cried out.

Allegheri flipped the switch for the Professor and two large chains rolled out from the back of the vehicle. Chisoutsa grabbed held of one of the chains.

“You can use this to connect to the Tekkonro cage. You have to swing the vehicle around to move the cage around to get him. Think of it as a game of shot put. By the information I have looked up right here you need to hit him a few times to trap him inside it,” Alan cried out.

Alan waved off Chisoutsa as she held on as the Black Vixen took off with the long chains hanging down from the vehicle. He turned around at looked at Jiko, “Where’s Frithdar and Hew?”

Frithdar came to Convoitise and looked him in the eye, “How could you be so careless with the ring. If you desire so much to take the land then you will help us,” Frithdar demanded.

“That wouldn’t be so smart. Tekkonro can take care of Chisoutsa and Allegheri himself. Why do all the hard work if there is someone so willing to do it for you,” smiled Convoitise.

“And what will happen when he comes for you?”

“If I can defeat him once I can do it again Frithdar. You have little faith in me. Go and play with your friends I have some female vampires to play with,” Convoitise said. He walked away disappearing into his castle. Frithdar worried about Chisoutsa battle with the ghost lord as there wasn’t much she could against a beast who loved terror.


The Black Vixen entered the village as the face of Tekkonro appeared. He was a clearly white faced beast with ripped clothes and large hands. He flew around the village smashing down the side of buildings. Chisoutsa jumped off the chain and went through Tekkonro and rolled onto the ground. He flew toward her and smacked her into side of a building and turned around.

“Errrr, shit. That hurts,” she said staggering around the village.

The Black Vixen lowered the chains more as it scooped up the cage and turned towards Tekkonro. The ghost lord disappeared as Professor Walken slammed on the power and charged towards him. He reappeared and bashed into the Black Vixen sending it spinning around the village sky. The villagers burst out the building and ran around the ground. Chisoutsa started to push her way through the crowd where the Black Vixen stood still in the air.

“This isn’t working at the moment. He’s going to disappear when we attack him. We have to swing the cage around and hope it hits him,” Allegheri told the Professor.

“We can try that for now. The chances are good he will target the crowds. If we can use them as bait then we can hit him,” the Professor noted.

The Black Vixen started to swing around and spin. It moved towards Tekkonro and bashed him for the first time. Electricity sparked all over him and shook his head and disappeared again. Chisoutsa was pushed by the large crowds and she hid into the bar. A ghostly figure appeared behind her and tapped her on the shoulder. She jumped back and Hew reappeared in front of her.

“How the hell did you get here?” she asked him.

“I jumped on the other chain. I’m here to help you,” Hew said.

“You are going to help me against that outside? I like to see that?”Chisoutsa replied with a smirk.

“I believe with my memory and my memory tends to fail me a lot in my life that if you can’t beat them join them,” Hew said.

“By starting to kill the villagers,” Chisoutsa asked smartly.

“No, but my personal saying is if you can’t beat them, become them,” Hew smiled.

“What idea do you have?” asked Chisoutsa becoming interested.

“You’ll love it,” Hew replied.