Hayden Norman made his promise by heading to Daniel’s house and asking Doug and Sonia to appear there as we’ll Hayden was inside the study room as Doug and Sonia came inside with Anya as Doug saw Hayden, “What’s going on? If you’re here something serious is happening? Where is Daniel?”

“Doug, Daniel has gone with Jack to the dead end road where they think a secret government bunker is. It is highly likely he will make contact with the alien child there. The alien child had been leading them to that spot from the very start of his investigations into this mystery,” Hayden replied to him.

“Why are we here and not there helping him? He’s in danger now. The two of them can’t handle the men in black and who ever is inside that place. I have told him to be careful but this time he has bitten more than he can chew,”

“Sonia, the place is invisible. I can’t see anyway of getting inside without some sort of green little man help. I know it must be really hard for you to hear this,” Anya replied trying to ease her stress.

“All we can do is sit and wait for now. Daniel is one of the best when it comes to this type of thing. I have faith he can do this. He has been waiting for this moment all of his life and today is his lucky day. So I’m going to get some lunch and drinks and we will wait and see what happens,” Hayden said.

Doug and Sonia went back upstairs to find some food to eat for lunch where Hayden sat down at Daniel’s computer to have a look at his latest cases. He saw a email appeared and looked at the name that it came from.

“Who is he? Vincent Lamour. Nice name but never heard from him,” he said to himself. He swinged around in his chair while Anya was looking at all the papers and notes littering Daniel’s study room.

“I can tell Daniel’s life is only about his work,” she commented.

“Yeah, he’s always been like that. He could never sit down and smell the roses. I hope he still has a chance of doing that. I really do,” Hayden said in a moment where he questioned Daniel’s chances with the inner circle.


There was a sense of coldness and walls of steel coming to light when Daniel and Tazu came inside the basement. Daniel’s eyes were wide open as the basement appeared to have small lab rooms with test rooms but no bodies. Tazu turned to Daniel, “Use the disc and find the energy source. They are known to be long blue tubes that glow lightly . Pour the liquids from the tubes into this glass. This glass will shrink the liquids making it easier to carry.”

Daniel was handed the glass bottle as he held on to it with dear life. He nodded his head and asked Tazu something back, “What are you going to do?”

“I’m going to make sure the men that chase you and me won’t harm us. Keep them at bay, in human words that is.”

“How long will this disc help me for?” Daniel asked Tazu.

“The disc will only last for a hour. I have been using it for some time and had to make sure your friend is safe and secure. Go now. We will meet again.”

Tazu disappeared around the corner of the underground basement and Daniel used the disc and became invisible to all. He slowly made his way through the corridors where rooms featured a stock pile of lab testings and bodies being picked up from around the local area. He reached for a door where two scientists were testing on one of the limbless bodies and touched the door handle. His heart was pounding fast as he turned it and crept through the tight opening crack he created for himself. He past his way through the door and gently closed it behind him. He walked over to the corner of the room watching them at play and not being seen at all.

“These bodies have been appearing more often sir haven’t they?” Asked one of the scientists.

“They haven’t bothered to search this area for a long time but local police have been picking up these bodies and it’s getting the public talking. They had to act now or some string might be left behind. They are concerned about the agreement clearly not been met about these bodies being taken,” replied the second scientist.

“Surely the agreement is still kept in faith. They must be someone else?  This is the third area we have worked in. Do you think they are working behind our back?”

“We are both working behind each other’s backs. We’ll be gone when the remaining bodies have been cleaned up. No one must know what we do. It’s important that we do this work,” said the second one.

Daniel wasn’t too sure what they meant by the agreement but kept quiet in the corner.  One of them saw a light appear one he side of the wall and they picked up a phone next to the blue light.

“Yes we are currently working on a body. No sir, nothing different about this one. Obviously they have taken body parts like us for hybrid experiments or something. Yes we can down to see you now if you wish. Ok we will see you then,” answered the first scientist.

“The heads from up above want a update?”

“Yeah, they want a update from us. I bet they are still spooked by those teenagers hanging around the area. I mean they must be walking proof that the agreement has been broken”

“Spooked but not worried about them, hey are not scared by some weak children who have funny eyes and some telepathy abilities. We’ll finish up here and go and see them,” spoke the second scientist.

Daniel watched them pack up their tools and placed a white cover over the body. They headed for the door as they opened it and closed it behind them. Daniel walked up to the body and pulled back the cover.

“Who is really doing this and why?” He wondered to himself. The disc that Tazu gave faded in colour and he noticed that he reappeared in sight to anyone that could see him.

“Damn he must have used most of its power on Jack. I have to be careful what I do and where I go.”

Daniel darted along the rooms looking at all the different strange objects he had not seen before and he came to what looked like a main meeting where Tazu saw the two Men in black in plain sight.

“Daniel Phoniex. I knew you would be here with him,” called out one of the Men in black.

“Maris, you threatened Doug and now you’re here with Tazu. All the pieces are together now. Now tell us what you know,” Daniel demanded of him.

“I’ll entertain you for now and tell you some of what I know but you won’t be leaving here,” Maris answered leaving Daniel feeling cold inside.

The answers were about to be told.