The Alien of the Phoenix

The Alien of the Phoenix is a mystery/paranormal novella that details the events and cases of a alien and UFO researcher called Daniel Phoenix. Originally was fired from working at NASA for investigating too much into the paranormal alien cases he is called back in by his boss Doug. His boss doesn’t believe in aliens but lets Daniel run around doing some new cases to hopefully put his obsession to bed and start a real career for NASA.

Over the first season Daniel Phoenix after a number of years of dead end tracks in cases starts to strike gold and while he starts to dig into the alien stories his life and the others around them become trapped into a world they never dreamed of.


Character Profiles

Daniel Phoenix  – A known alien and UFO  researcher and investigator into the world of aliens and paranormal. Daniel comes across as a smart character but casually clothed and has a small social life. Most people seen him as a nutcase due to his line of work but other alien researchers see him as a up and coming person who could break the cases where they haven’t done so themselves.

Doug Smith – A senior at NASA he is a classic skeptical person of aliens and UFO’s. He is respected and for some reason has put his name on the line to see Daniel rise as a possible replacement for him for when he retires. He doesn’t believe in any of the cases that Daniel presents. Normally shutting them down and pointing out flaws in Daniel’s logic. However as the cases become darker and more complex he is increasing finding it hard to discredit Daniel’s theories.

Jack Williams – A police officer in the law who appears to be Daniel’s only friend outside of his work life. He tends to be the person who helps bend the law for Daniel while protecting him from en danging himself into his cases of UFO. He seems to be quite open minded about UFO’s and aliens and is quite interested in the work despite being sometimes freaked out by some of the sinister reports of sightings and discoveries.

Dr. Frank Carter – A scientist ally of Daniel Phoenix.  His role is to help discover clues from items and pieces that Phoenix finds along his investigations. He is well respected in his field and comes across as a helpful characters always thinking about the mystery within, something that Daniel can highly relate to.

Susan Smith – Doug’s loyal and loving wife who is a compass to his life. A caring character who worries about the stresses of work that Doug goes through. She enjoys Daniel’s UFO tales and tries to tell her husband to be more open minded noting that life can always bring unexpected outcomes.

Men in Black – There is not much information known for the Men in Black as they known to threaten and warn people off the track of UFO investigations. They have also been know in extreme cases to kill off people to cover their tracks.



Who is Daniel Phoenix? – Ch 1

The First Sighting – Ch 2

The Park of Mystery – Ch 3

The Case of the Starchild Skull – Ch 4

From the Skull to the Flesh – Ch 5

The Case of the Aurora, Texas UFO Incident – Ch 6

The Men who visit – Ch 7

The Case of the Men in Black – Ch 8

Phoenix’s Dark Encounter – Ch 9

The Phoenix Connectors – Ch 10

Do as you’re told – Ch 11

The UFO and Paranormal Researchers – Ch 12

The Witness – Ch 13

What you see is what you don’t – Ch 14

I believe you – Ch 15

What the future lies for us? – Ch 16

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