A dinner party was held for a number of government officials and selected guests of NASA as they wined and dined with each other in a government building with happy smiles. Doug, Daniel’s boss at NASA stood in the corner with a government official named Trevor Young sipping some wine. Trevor was a older figure like Doug and they had been friends for about ten years from other meetings and catch ups over their time together.

“Doug you came straight from work again did you?” Trevor asked him looking at his work tablet and clearance tag still on his belt.

“Trevor, I’ve never been one for meetings unless I need to go to one. I prefer to sit in my office or at home drinking my coco. What was this dinner for exactly?” Doug asked.

“A number of promotions have happened and for you too. They always like to pat each other on the back when this happens. I heard about your security issue you had a couple months. They said you were shaken up over it?” Trevor asked Doug.

Doug put down his glass of wine for a moment thinking back to the Men in Black who confronted him over his help to Daniel Phoenix. However he lived and covered up what really happened.

“You know these young thugs. They don’t give you warning when they break into your office,” Doug said trying to hose down the issue.

“Still for them to break into NASA is unheard of but stranger things have happened,” Trevor replied sipping his drink.

Doug remained quiet and looked around the room noticing faces he didn’t remember from past meet ups, “Who are some of these people?”

“some of them are from different government sectors that even I haven’t heard of. The couple over there are high up in NASA and they have been working in this place for a while. They were transferred from up north somewhere.”

Doug grabbed his glass of wine and held on to his tablet computer, “I might excuse myself and find the toilet. I just manage red to get here from work to see the start of it.”

“Oh, there’s one upstairs past the hallway there. You won’t get lost in here,” Trevor replied.


Doug took himself upstairs and turned to the hallway. He started walking along the rooms when he saw a door opening up and he swore he saw a hand on one of the doors. He poked his head inside the room and called out, “Anyone here?”. There was no answer and he was about to leave the room when he noticed some photos on the office desk that he noticed when looking for the mystery hand. He sneaked inside for some reason. In the past he would have never have done so but past events and catching some of Daniel’s investigating bug might have caused him to have a look inside. Doug came up to the photos and put down his glass of wine. He picked up a photo of stars that he remembered from his work. He opened up his tablet computer and scrolled to his photo collection and and compared the two of them.

“I wonder how they got this photo. It’s been unreleased to the public or to government,” he thought to himself. A chest drawer was half opened when he sat down his tablet and opened it up to reveal a number of photos. He sipped on his wine until he saw a few photos he was flicking through that had images of UFO’s. He pulled a puzzled look and clicked on his tablet next to him and flicked through to the suspected photos. The photos on his tablet was different to the ones shown here.

“My photos was cropped and changed. My photos are supposed to be originals. What is this?” He asked himself. He noticed a mark saying “OZ” when he tossed his head not remembering or knowing what that meant. He quickly put the photos back and took out of the office room and to the toilets.

He returned back downstairs and Trevor was waiting for him, “You took your time didn’t you? The bowels not working for you,” he joked to Doug.

“At this age they start to play up,” smiled Doug while thinking of the different photos to himself.

Trevor and Doug saw the dinner was being set and decided to go over there. They both sat down and one of the government officials stood up to greet everyone there.

“I like to welcome our officials and some of our guests from NASA. We live in a time where information is on the internet and can fall into the wrong hands. I am pleased that these people in this room have worked to achieve that this will not happen on our watch.”

Doug looked down at his meal only half listening when the government official said something that got him interested.

“There is information in this world that should not fall in the hands of the public. Some truths that the public could not handle. Our task is to make sure that we don’t let this happen. We know there is certain people who wish to bring this information to light but we will make sure that that will never happen and that action will taken. They will taken care of by the government and by our shadow.”

“What does shadow mean?” Doug asked.

“No idea,” quickly answered Trevor.

Doug stayed quiet until the end of the speech and the meal began. he sat eating his meal wondering what and why he was brought here in the first place for. He was concerned and worried.



The mid morning break came for Daniel and Jack came as they drove into petrol station parking bay.  Both of the men came out of the car and saw the truck drivers sitting at a bench outside of the petrol station.

“That must be them,” Daniel noted to Jack heading over there.

“Are you Daniel Phoenix? The guy on the phone?” Asked one of the drivers.

“Yes and this is Jack he’s a detective, he’s not on duty at the moment but is interested in your case.”

“Right my name is Bruce and my mate’s here is Gordon.”

“Nice to meet ya,” Gordon said shaking Jack’s hand.

The four of them sat back down while Daniel asked the first question, “So you said you had some experiences that you couldn’t explain and thought I should know. You found me through your younger brother?” Daniel asked.

“Yeah he suggested you when he found some stuff about you on the web. Gordon and I have been  driving trucks for a long time here on the highways and we tend to notice stuff that others don’t. There’s been two strange things that’s happened to us in the past few months. Gordon has been seeing these unmarked trucks coming through this area and because us truck drivers all know each other. We just don’t know these trucks. Windows are tinted so we can’t who is driving it,” Bruce explained.

“So Gordon what is the weird thing about these trucks? They could be a very private company,” Daniel asked him.

“Even some of the private companies we know but it’s where they go is the thing that gets strange mate. They turn off into a dirt road section towards the forest parks but the roads are dead ended. Trucks can’t drive through thick bush land with hundred year old trees in its path. We never see them coming back out, only in.”

Jack looked around the area from his seat and turned to Gordon, “I’m guessing other truck drivers have seen these unmarked trucks going missing into the forest? Is there anything else out of picture.”

“When the truck starts started up around here there’s been some young children or teenagers depending on who you talk to. So the lady who runs the eat in next to the gas station saw one of them and she was freaked by it,”

“I’m not following you. Are they thug teenagers or something more,” Jack asked.

“they wanted something to eat but they had no money. They were wearing hoods and but when they revealed their face they had black eyes are dark as the night. I’ve never seen their face myself but they are around if you look for them,” Bruce explained.

Daniel nodded to himself,”Black eyed children. It’s a modern paranormal theory that these children are hybrids of human and alien. The eyes are the thing that scare people. They come to people’s homes asking to come in and make a phone call. No one knows who they want to call or where they live. I suggests you have also seen men dressed in black near these trucks?”

Gordon thought for a moment and tossed his head, “Not with the trucks but a couple times they turned into the dead end road there was one guy dressed in black. he had a hat which made it hard to read what he was doing there. You know if I told other people this stuff they we’re think I was insane. Is it some government project thing like in the movies?” Bruce asked Daniel and Jack.

“There is a government connection but we haven’t been able join the dots yet. I’m still working on it.”

Jack turned to Bruce, “Have you ever seen the amen in Black near e black eyed children. have they ever interacted with each other on any level?”

“Never seen them together but when those trucks appear they are very watchful of them and keep a distance rom them. They soon disappear when the trucks are gone. That’s all I know about.”

“Daniel I think the black eyed children are scared of the trucks and the men in black. One of those children might be the alien child we are looking for,”Jack suggested to Daniel.

“Black eyed children’s only give away is the black eyes and some strange skin. The alien child has the head similar to a grey alien and he will stick out like a UFO ship in the middle of a city park. The black eye children can be seen in broad daylight without getting people watching them, they just use their hoodies to hide the eyes. But the alien child be around here. Sticking to a kind closer to him than us humans. He might be doing some investigating of his based on how the child has been sighted at different spots.”

Jack shook both truck drivers hands, “Its been eye opening having this chat with you. Thanks for your help.”

“Did we help you with anything new?” Gordon asked.

“Quite a few new things actually. We have something new to work on and something new to follow.”


The pair started walking back to the car watching the road to see for any trucks coming along. They went inside the caramel Jack turned the engine on.  Daniel looked out towards the road and saw something that was quite unbelievable. Out of nowhere a body dropped from onto the road from mid air.

“What the hell happened,”Daniel pushing Jack to turn and see the body.

Jack sprinted out of the car and rushed out onto the road. Daniel followed close behind him as he got on his phone, “We have a body here on the highway. The same one we did the early morning investigation. A second one has found. I want a team to come in here and back up,”

“Where did the body come from? Did it fall out of a car?”

“It appeared out of nowhere. It just appeared but have a look at that. This body is missing a arm,” Daniel replied.

“So this is the second body that we found. I just don’t understand how a body end up in the middle of the road. where did it come from?”

The two stayed with the body until they saw the police cars coming up the highway. Today it become very strange indeed.