The Legend of Evermore

The Legend of Evermore was a fantasy tale about four heroes set on a quest to rid of Graford the powerful wizard who was fixed on overthrowing the Kingdom of Evermore. Led by the muscular and brave Roger the Barbarian, with Walter the Wizard, Levi the Elf, and Duncan the Dwarf they take on the quest by King Chambers in return for fame and fortune. However over their journey they get more than what they bargained for with friendship, growth of themselves, and a  quest that becomes more complex over time.

The Job Offer – Ch 1

The Story of Graford – Ch 2

Chamber’s Crowning – Ch 3

The First Attack – Ch 4

Magus and the Chapel – Ch 5

A Magic Tune – Ch 6

Followers – Ch 7

The Parents and the Doctor – Ch 8

Testing the Band – Ch 9

Missing Leadership – Ch 10

Court House – Ch 11

Discovering the Past of Evermore – Ch 12

The Coming Day – Ch 13

God of Chaos – Ch 14

Rush to warn everyone – Ch 15

The Battle of Evermore – Ch 16

The Band’s final push – Ch 17

Evermore Restored – Ch 18

Written by Chris Ticehurst
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