After the events of the war it was time for Lucas Walken to settle in as the new Prime Leader. Lucas was outside of the Government Square with the Xtreme Sqaud with Jasper, Yuri, and Kuzuki. It was time for the Squad to retire.

“It’s time to goodbye to the team. It’s been an amazing ride for us all but what you three all be doing?”

“Well apart from doing each other, we’ll be keeping an eye on the city for any trouble and leading a semi normal life I suppose,” Jasper replied in his typical way.

“The two girls and I will be visiting different places around the world as a trip and treat to ourselves. I’ll be living in Professor Walken’s home. It’s been years since I lived there,” Chisoutsa added.

“It’s good to hear. I’m going to busy here rebuilding this place but always come for a visit and I know who to call if something does happen,” Lucas reminded them.

Lucas and Charles turned to Hayden and Anya, “I like to thank you for all your help too. Your investigations was very important and changed Chisoutsa’s life. You are pretty good at this paranormal spirits stuff are you?” Charles asked.

“It just as a hobby between my friend Daniel and me and over time you learn a few things along the way. I enjoyed my time here but I prefer my own world. It’s not quite as crazy as this one,” Hayden commented on the City of Demons.

“Our portal should be ready to use now. It’s been nice seeing you all,” Anya said to everyone.

The large group said their goodbyes but not forever to each other and Lucas and Charles watched them leave. Charles whispered in his ear some words, “There’s one last meeting I need to go to and you should be there as the new Prime Leader.”

Lucas looked interested in his new role and followed him inside. They past a number of rooms and came to a steel door in an area that Lucas hadn’t seen before.

“Secret Prime Leader room you could say,” Charles said with a smile.

The pair entered and Charles closed the door before him and two figures was inside full of data computers and gadgets.

“Is that you Alan Richards and really that can’t be Percy Cyber? The time traveller?”

“Not just a time traveller, also a universal portal expert too,” Percy chipped in with his own words.

“Why are they together for?” Lucas asked Charles.

“You might have forgotten about our missing man of cigar smoking action? Mr. Umezu was reported missing towards the end of the Author’s War.”

“Yes, I have tried with Percy’s help to search many worlds but there is no sign of him,” Alan answered bitterly upset over the issue.

Percy handed Lucas a number of documents on the issue, “The story goes is that Mr. Umezu finds a portal to another universe, he enters it without a choice – either entire it and be killed by Valentine Blackburn and the Author’s War book. Since then there’s been no contact from him or anything. If there was time travel in that world he could have found a way back to this time period and we wouldn’t notice he was gone for long.”

Lucas read the top page and looked up at the pair, “And what is the idea that you two are thinking?”

“That he is either is dead or is trapped in another universe,” Alan replied.

“Wasn’t there concerns from him that the Government was going to arrest him for his crimes when Chisoutsa was battling Censilo and eve before that time?” Lucas asked.

“There was a chance of that, however those minsters who wanted him dead are now dead themselves from the war. I have pardoned him based on his services and his good behaviour from funding the Xtreme Squad and helping in large parts of the war. His company is now broke and that did show to me that he cared about us in his own strange way,” Charles explained to the group.

Percy Cyber’s face was grim about the whole problem, “During my time with the Time Cruisers we never had a problem crossing different universes but this was a one way ticket for Umezu it seems. He’s over 50 years old, his health is not great, overweight, and his only experiences is building things and hacking computers. The chances of him coming back is very very slim and it’s a shame sadly the way his life ended. My suggestion is to close the case and say he had died in the war.”

Alan Richards, Mr Umezu’s friend for many years sat in his chair in despair and looking defeated and Charles taped him on the shoulder, “It’s your choice now Prime Leader, what do you want to do?”

Lucas watched his friend in the seat and looked at Percy, “Thanks for your work, you can return back to your own universe. This case will remain open as a missing persons case. You never know what the future hold and Mr. Umezu has always been surprising person to me,” he answered.

And with that the beginning of the new Prime Leader Lucas Walken began and the dawn of something different was about to begin.