Tightly fitted inside Mr Umezu’s pocket was a shorten handgun laser that Gauru gave him in his study in the early morning that he was set to go the exchange markets to find the replacement arm and leg biotech parts that Okiku needed to live. Gauru also handed him over a large black tech briefcase pointing at it, “This is where you place the parts inside. It’s bulletproof in case something goes wrong on your trip back here. Carrying around body parts around those area even if the replacement parts are on the cheap here a re robotic biotech machines will still want to get their hands on it for themselves or to sell them at a higher and rip off type prices to unknowing people in the city. Keep safe, I don’t hate you completely you know,” Gauru reminded Umezu.

“The feeling is becoming the same here Gauru. At least I have a weapon that’s useful now. I’ll go on foot and keep out of sight of suss people,” Mr Umezu replied. Mr Umezu headed his way outside the house where now all were living in. The walk to the exchange market was rather uneventful and that was something Mr Umezu enjoyed after his encounter with the robotic machines. He wandered into the exchange market searching for Carto at his market stand. He saw him putting out his products where he came up to him putting the long black briefcase on his desk in front of him, “I’m here to do business again,” he told him. Carto eyed him up and down, “Aright. I’m sorry if we started off on the wrong foot so to speak. I’m surprised you would even come back to me. I heard you and the two young ones headed off to live in Silco. Mr Umezu tossed his head, “Well yeah, our plans came undone and we were attacked. I’m looking for cheap replacement arm and leg for my the girl. Here is the funds amount that I think should cover the products that I need.” The funds were shown to Carto and he gave a smile and a nod, “Well that’s a nice tidy sum of money there. I think I have a decent replacement biotech body parts for you. It’s under lock and key here. You can’t trust many people around here you see.”

“I’ve learnt that the hard way in the past week I have been around here. Let me see what you have.” Carto pulled out a large box and flipped it open revealing the parts needed. They seemed to be in good condition and decent enough for us, “They are secondhand you can say. Found from a dead body. It’s rather common around here Mr Umezu,” Carto explained. Mr Umezu paused for a moment, “Alright I’ll take it. She won’t have them for long. I’ll find a way to get the best parts money can buy.” Carto gave a puzzled look at Mr Umezu, “Well not to be rude or anything but the cost of biotech parts that they had were of a high quality and currently you have no job in this world and if you are here exchanging with me than you are rather poor,” he noted.

“Thanks for stating the fucking obvious. I haven’t thought that far ahead. I just want to repair my friend. It’s the least I can do for the fuck up I made putting them into trouble,” Mr Umezu replied back. The funds were handed over to Carto and he carefully put the parts into the large black briefcase, “Here you go all safe and sound. You are doing the operation I’m guessing?” he asked. “Yeah, no one knows how to apart from me. I’ve worked with machines in the past but not quite trans human. For the first time the patient is a willing person unlike my past project the Hyper Camp. I kinda was capturing people and turning them in super fighting…  just forget about what I said. All in the past,” Mr Umezu commented. Carto seemed nervous about Umezu’s past, “And I hope it stays in the past too,” he quietly replied. Mr Umezu lifted up the case while Carto handed over a business card, “Just in case you like to video call one day. If you need a hand in getting more biotech body parts or any help you can say.” “Yeah thanks, I’ll keep in mind if I happen to need some aid or help.” the pair waved goodbye for now and he headed back to Okiku.


The return home was quick as Mr Umezu called for a hover taxi vehicle with some left over funds from the purchase of the replacement parts. Mr Umezu watched down over the city of Silco and eyed off the large buildings that the Kyo Corporation owned and controlled.”Just a turn left here, and down I suppose, told Mr Umezu in his second time in a flying vehicle in this new world he was in.  He arrived inside the house and started setting up for the operation. Gauru was inside the lab room with Okiku on the table, “She’s knocked out for now for a few hours. I hope you know what you are doing,” he said to Mr Umezu. “People forget I started my company as a scientist. It took me thirty years to build universe portal myself. She won’t die on my watch.Mr Umezu and Gauru dress up in white lab suits and both put on gloves as Mr Umezu opened Okiku’s chest up to see what a biotech body looked like. Inside was a stomach, heart, kidney and other main organs that had some biotech steel work on them. Mr Umezu nodded and noted down some points on a pen and paper next to him.

“Body parts seem in tact. No real damage to those areas. Connection points for the arm and leg seem damaged. Some advanced wiring will take place now,” Mr Umezu noted to Gauru. Mr Umezu started a laser work on the leg while Gauru went for the arm. Both men had googles on to protect themselves from the lasers. Gauru handed Mr Umezu the replacement leg from the black briefcase and carefully Mr Umezu pushed the leg into the connection points and it connected successful. “Monitor signals are showing a successful connection for the leg. You can go for the arm now if you like Gauru,” he replied. Gauru inserted the arm piece into the connection points while Mr Umezu checked Okiku’s chest for any damage signs. After a testing period of making sure the replacement parts were in working order. The operation was a success and Mr Umezu smiled to himself, “Told ya we could do it together. Carto seems to be a decent business man after all. Just abit shady like my old self used to be. You go to bed if you like. I’ll clean up and patch her up,” he told him. Gauru pulled off his gloves and headed for the doors and turned back at Umezu, “You did a good job.” and headed out. Mr Umezu nodded and turned back to Okiku. He was able to grab some graspers from operation bench when he noticed something odd and not meant to be there. There was steel casing on the side of the heart and Mr Umezu peeled it back to see a small memory chip on it, “What the fuck” he said to himself.

He pulled it out quickly and placed it on the table next to him. He patched up the body and skin with sewing and lasers while glaring at the memory chip that he had found.  When he finished he took off his gloves and checked that the monitors that Okiku was improving to prove the operation was a total success. He took the memory chip and took it to the corner computer in the lab room. He inserted into the computer and a collection of files appeared on it. “Biotech data plans. What’s this all about,” he wondered to himself. He clicked on one to see advanced technology that he had never seen before. “This is amazing, this is not a normal biotech body. This is something out of this world and my own world too.” He noticed a video file was included and clicked on it. It was man in a scientist lab room looking emotionally upset.

“My name is Lance and I am the father of the two children that you done a operation on my child. My children are called Kuni and Okiku. I made this video and inserted this memory chip in both of my children in the hopes that one day someone would find it and use the information found to better the world that we all live in. My wife died of cancer a few months ago from this recording and I looked after my children the best I could,” the video started off. Mr Umezu looked shocked, “What is this? Why was this chip in their bodies for?” he wondered with amazement. “The information that you have on the chip contains the most advanced and powerful biotech technology in this world. I was forced to work for Neel Kyo and the Kyo Corporation in the efforts to perfectly blend in the biotech within the human body and advance the brain’s power. When I refused to do the work that would shape and destroy Silco and the rest of the world. Neel, he…abused and attacked my young children when they were eight and six years old. He killed my children as punishment for refusing to provide technology that would destroy millions of lives,” he replied breaking down in tears. Mr Umezu’s face was blank faced listening to the video.

“In the next few days I know I am going to be killed by Neel Kyo so my days are limited. So with the help of the scientists who fought against him they operated on my children and we gave them a second life. I saved my children by giving them biotech. I was so upset that I wanted them to be human and have a happy life. I felt I failed as a father and a provider. I wanted them to feel my heart beat whenever they went and whenever they felt they were alone they could feel their mother and father’s heart beat for them. So I take a extreme option and a operation happened. My wife’s body organs were harvested by Neel Kyo but I managed to steal her heart organ and I gave it to Okiku my daughter and my heart was taken out of me and give to my son Kuni. I know I’m going to be killed so why waste my heart when my own children can have it to live on and feel like a human. I wear a biotech heart for my remaining days I am alive. When my children were killed, their hearts were damaged beyond repair.  I wanted to give them a gift from their parents. Something to remember, someone to touch and hold when they feel all their hope is gone.”

Mr Umezu rose out of his chair with the video still playing and looked at Okiku’s body on the table with a couple tears coming down his cheeks, “Their parents were always with them. They never left them,” he said quietly. He turned back to the video. “I hope whoever is looking after them is a good person of heart as well. Someone who can guide them in life where my wife and I cannot anymore. I love them more than all the universes put together. The information of the biotech can help someone with the knowledge to help change the world of Blarvis. That is my hope, desire, and dream. To see my children in a new world when the Kyo Corporation is taken down and the people not live in fear and poverty.  No matter if you are pure or trans human. It is your personality and soul is what counts. Tell them that I love them and they will always be love by their parents. Be the parent that we cannot be now. Protect them and save our world from Neel Kyo. Thank you for watching this and may the best wishes come to you,” Lance the father said and the video was cut dead.

Mr Umezu paced around the lab room trying to collect his emotions and he came to Okiku’s body and he placed his hand on her heart. He knew there and then what he needed to do, “I will protect the two of you and save this world. That is my mission even if it kills me. I was meant to come here. To prove I’m a good person.”