It’s taken a while for me to get back on the horse and rebuild this web site to what I truly wanted after many years. I had to put my time into the Youtube channel Nintendo Ninja News and work on myself personally. Now after what you can clearly see is a major revamp of CT Creativity and a number of new features the site now has.

  • New Revamped Web Design is more text based. I’m a writer at heart and having to produce new images all the time to keep the site fresh wasn’t ideal in the end. Something had to change so I decided to change the design itself.
  • The new web site works better on your smartphone, tablet and PC with a rich and easy to use design.
  • Special Interests have been added with old friends: Nintendo Ninja News will be housed under the banner as it should have a long time ago. The return of the name ‘Brisbane Lion United’ a old forum I ran between 2008 to 2012 has been reborn. Politics is a area of interest for me and that too is being added to the site.
  • Creative Friends is the modern version of Writersmuster – a Yahoo Group that promoted Writers from 2002 to 2004 and a forum board version was created from 2006 to 2010. It will allow me to promote other creative friends with a range of possibilities to explore down the track.
  • A New Facebook Group will be made and be called CT Creativity – a place to promote myself but also you too. I want to get back into knowing other creative people more as I did so long ago.

It’s taken really nearly ten years to truly expand beyond the idea of just a writer and do what I wanted to do. I had this idea in my head that I was only allowed to do writing on my site but with the success of Nintendo Ninja News, doing other things like running a football forum in the past, doing photos and covering events I found out I could achieve more.

I hope you enjoy the new design and features and join me on the quest to be creative!