The Xtreme Squad had journeyed up the Soul Mountains in the Death Lands where their old friend Hew the ghost lived. The chilly and icy roads was too strong for the jeep so the four travelled on foot to Hew’s home. Lucas and Yuri came to his house doors and opened them up to see his small but tidy place inside. Lucas noticed Hew and a familiar person with him standing next to him.

“Chisoutsa? What are you doing here? What’s wrong?”

“Hello all of you. It’s so great to see you again after all this time. Chisoutsa here came to visit me to keep away from the troubles of the world you can say but not too long ago she’s been behaving very differently the past hour or so. I don’t know what’s wrong with her. I called you to talk about something else and this happened,” Hew said to Lucas.

Chisoutsa looked up to the squad and her eyes was glowing red. She shook and pushed Lucas away from him.

“What’s wrong with you Chisoutsa? Tell me,” Lucas asked concerned.

“Someone is calling me and I must answer to my master,” she cried. Her body transformed into her demon form quickly and her wings grow out and she took off towards the doors and flew straight out into the air. Jasper and Yuri ran outside to her flying into the skies towards the direction of the City of Demons. Hew floated outside his home with Lucas next to him and covered his mouth in worry.

“What happened? She was all fine a few moments ago and she goes off like that. I have no idea that happened,” Hew cried.

Lucas’s phone buzzed in his pocket and he saw a video call coming in. He answered it, “Lucas Walken, it’s Hayden Norman here with a update on our investigation. I’m sure you want to know what we have been doing lately today,” Hayden called.

“I’m sorry but we are busy at the moment. Chisoutsa’s gone into a rage and she’s taken off for the city now,” Lucas answered.

“That’s not good. That’s bad, very bad. Especially if she’s heading to where I’m at,” Hayden replied in the video call.

“Why is that bad? What do you do?” Lucas answered getting upset.

“There’s a group of people trying to perform resurrection magic. I have no idea who it is but they called her name and seeking for the master. A Shadow of the Master that is,” Hayden replied.

“It couldn’t be Censilo the demon lord? That would be the logical answered to this,” Lucas asked wondering.

Hayden nodded in the video call, “Yes I believe that would be right. But remember he’s gone now. There’s no soul left of him or a body he left behind to resurrect him. They can try but will fail the magic.”

Lucas’s face turned to a look of fear, “What if she had DNA of him inside her?”

“That’s even worse than bad as in yes they can resurrect him. Are we talking about three DNA pieces in her that allowed her to become a demon? Created in a lab dare I say?” Hayden asked.

“Yes that’s correct. I need to move and stop this from happening. How long would this resurrection magic take?” Lucas asked.

“I’m guessing sometime over a day. It’s not easy magic this is by what I have read. It would take with Chisoutsa’s demon form. She will be willing. Please come to the Government Square where I promised Charles I will meet him there with my report. We need to talk about your world,” Hayden said hanging up on the call.


Lucas turned to Yuri and the squad, “We need to move to the Government Square at once. Hew you can come along. It is nice to see you again since the last time we met. What was it that you wanted to talk to me about?” he asked Hew.

“Well I was going to say that people in my homeland have been doing spells like but with the vampire lord. But you see they have no chance of doing so. I think the reason why is because there is no leader of this world, no direction. All that hope was lost when the Author War happened and then Chisoutsa turned into a full demon. That would be heart breaking for people to find out, “Hew explained.

“I didn’t know about all of this. We were too busy fighting in the war,” Lucas sighed.

“Maybe we can create that change now. You know do what’s right for all of us,” Hew said with a smile.

“We’ll see what happens,” Lucas replied not knowing what to actually do with the future of the world.

Jasper looked around the mountains and the snow has stopped in the meanwhile, “That fucking snow is gone now. Let’s head back now before we freeze to death.”

The squad started to make its journey back to the City of Demon unknowingly what complex challenges lay ahead.