A few months had past since the events of Zare appearing back in LegoLand. There was a mighty battle when he first appeared however there was lose as well. Assistant, Captain Hook’s right hand person had died in that battle and now the Legomen was working on building together the right team to combat Zare’s power and plan to rule LegoLand for himself. With the help of Mayor Davis the Legomen Castle was build in the City where they were stationed. Wizard was looking at the throne where it was just build and Bill, Ben, Percy Cyber, Kevin and Captain Hook was behind him. “I’m going to go and find someone. Our true leader King Lion. I have a feeling he’s not quite keen on the position to be honest. He has struggled to be King of his kingdom and for that I will need to go to see him,” Captain Hook paced around the place looking at the new castle, “Well you know in the coming few days The Sea Star and my brother Iron Hook with his friend John will be here soon. They will be great assets for us. I also have to go to see him so how do we deal with this?’

“Why don’t me and Ben go with you Hook and and Kevin and Percy can go with Wizard. It seems like a fair split to me.” Bill suggested to Captain Hook and Wizard. “I think that sounds like a good idea to me. We will need to be beware of Zare now that he’s returned and be on our guard at all times. Keep your weapons on you at all times”  Wizard decided to travel via horse back which would take a while but wanted to return to his home land in the proper ways. Wizard called over some horses and begin to saddle up on them. “Come with me Kevin and Percy. This will be a fun little adventure for you two,” Captain Hook waved them off, “i’ll see you with the Sea Star! I promise it will be good,” he called out.

The long ride out had lasted a couple days and Percy Cyber a man of technology and living in the snow lands was not used to being on a horse for this long. He leaned over his horse as the trio entered the Dragon Knights area and to the north was where the Kingdom Knights. “Are you ok Percy?” Kevin asked him. “I’m just going to be happy when this ride is over. My bottom and back are killing me” Percy answered rubbing his back on the horse. “The castle is just over there everyone. Not long now come on,” Wizard noted. The trio came to the Kingdom Knight doors and entered inside where the man who they were searching for was there. King Lion stood next to his own throne looking unhappy, “I knew one day you would come for me Wizard,” he called out. Wizard and the other got off their horses and Wizard came up to him. King Lion was a red haired with a large gold crown on his head. “And you would know that I’m reforming the Legomen and that Zare has returned. You are the rightful leader of the group and not me.” “You could lead them if you wanted but for some reason you want all the people who were related to people who died in the first war against Zare to come back for revenge?” King Lions questioned Wizard. “Zare did kill my father but this for saving the whole world here King Lion and you must understand that. For everyone’s sake.” King Lion whistled and his white proud horse came up near him. “My current Kingdom needs me and I struggle enough as it is with it alone.” He climbed upon his horse and looked down at Wizard, “I just can’t do what you want me to do,” he said riding off outside of the Kingdom Knight Castle.

Percy turned around to Wizard, “I’m not sure if he wants to do this role. Like he said he’s already a King and struggling at that.” Wizard refused to give up so easily, “I’ll talk to him. Take Kevin and Percy to the Dragon Knights. That’s my own castle. Check in to see how things are there,” he noted to them. He knew it would take some time to help King Lion.