Sparks of yellow energy waves shot out of the portal hole when Nippy and the Universe Guardian appeared for their very first mission to make sure the events of The Author’s War goes ahead without failing. Nippy cruised along the planet that seemed heavily populated filled of cities. Fyn noticed where they needed to land where the Matrix Champions headquarters was found close by. They slowly started to land as security guards started to watch them. They circled Nippy as it landed on a mat where it looked like spaceships were a regular thing for this area.  Fyn came outside and laser rifles were pointed at him and he put his hands, “Oh I’m sorry. Wasn’t I meant to park here or not?” he asked with his hands shaking. Their leader came down eyeing off Fyn and Nippy and waved down their weapons. He was strong tall male with black buzz cut hair. He was in uniform as was the others. “Who are you and how did you get into our planet?” he asked him.

Fyn put his arms down and walked forward, “I’m here to help return your planet back to where it belongs. I came here through a universe portal because the planet has been taken away and thrown into a damaged universe. I believe there’s not much time left,” Fyn explained to him. “I’m not sure if you can help us but your information is spot on and it’s highly classified. I’ll take you to our Chief Commander,” he replied waving Fyn to follow him. Nippy stayed put and went into a sleep mode like lt scared of the new area he was in. Fyn past many security guards and soldiers on his way to meet the Chief Commander. As they went towards the doors to the main meeting room a large earthquake shook up the area. Fyn jumped at the feel of it and held on to the side wall as the male turned away, “Name’s Commander Beman Yellowstone. These earthquakes are happening because of that,” he called out pointing at the skies. Fyn’s anxiety took over him as he saw the familiar space dragon flying around above the planet. It’s silver glow shone around it and it watched over the planet towards the top range view of the planet’s imprisonment in the dying universe. Commander Yellowstone came to the doors but was struggling to open it. “It’s not accepting my eye as a scan. There could be internal damage to it,” he noted. Fyn came up to it, nodded and pulled out a device the size of a business card. On it it had strange small glowing eyes on it like a toy. He placed it near the eye scanner and the card with the eyes on it started to spin. The doors popped open with ease and the Commander looked at him impressed, “Oh this little thing helps break open doors. It’s quite handy when you have and it’s small too!” he explained. “Why does it look like a children’s toy?” Commander Yellowstone asked him. “Well if I’m captured by someone like your security team downstairs they wouldn’t think much of it and throw it out or let me keep it,” Fyn answered. The Commander wasn’t sure what to make of him, “Clever in a weird way.”

They entered into a room filled with soldiers and the Chief Commander looking over the naps of the planet, “Madam, we have found a visitor who seems to know about our problem with the planet being stolen away from the unknown dragon up in the skies.” The woman looked at Fyn and Fyn rubbed his forehead looking very nervous. “You don’t seem to someone who would much about this issue at all. As Chief Commander Adira Smith I order you to take him away. I won’t be dealing with this person or whatever information he might have.” Commander Yellowstone turned to Fyn and Fyn begged not to go. “Please I have to be here. I was chosen to be the Universe Guardian and this is like my first day on the job.” Chief Commander Smith tossed her head at Fyn’s request. “I do know my history with the idea of the Universe Guardian and you are surely not that person. The position was spoken of but no one ever created it. I’ve seen the cameras of your ship and it looks like a clown ship. You are just a gatecrasher who got lucky,” she firmly told him.

“I don’t want to be bullied like I was in my last job and I won’t in this one ok?” Fyn said trying to be brave. “You are just a strange young man with a even stranger spaceship outside my quarters and I’m here to try to save my planet so just leave now,” she shouted at him. Fyn clenched his fists trying to build up the strength at a important moment. “What will it take for you to believe me? I’m not just a normal person anymore. They picked me to do this and I never asked for it.” As he was speaking he pointed at the Chief Commander but he didn’t noticed his hands were glowing white dust again  Smith and Yellowstone stepped back as behind Fyn was flashes of the spiritual guardians Ises and Heva appeared behind him. He noticed his hands and put them down and he spun around saw their flashing images turned back. There was deathly silence in the room. “Do you believe me now?” he asked. Chief Commander Smith nodded, “I believe you have enough proof that we needed. They would never show their faces like that in trivial matters. It seems for some reason they made you the Universe Guardian. Now come and have a look at this.” Fyn looked over a table with the interactive map of the planet where the silver dragon was basing itself, “For some reason he is circling  around the top section but we don’t know why. Our suggestion is that he is protecting something”

Fyn thought about the problem and pulled out his calling call phone, “Nippy can you go for a trip to the sky and do a scan of things? I’m looking for a weak point,” he asked his spaceship. Commander Yellowstone stood next to him, “You believe it’s a weak point to what?” he asked. “You see you I think are supposed to be helping to go time travel for The Author’s War. Am I right?” Fyn asked back. Chief Commander Smith spoke, “That is correct and you know of the war?” “Yes I do but the silver dragon in the sky is part of a effect to prevent you from the helping and winning the war. Well that’s what happens in the timeline. The dragon is just servant of what is causing The Author’s War. I think if we target the weak point with something then just a opened bottle the planet will return back to it’s original state,” Fyn said. The calling card phone flashed and Fyn looked at the data Nippy provided him, “Well I was right – see? The dragon is a tough part. He nearly Nippy out of the sky with only two beams. I don’t know what to do with it.”

“Chief Commander Smith, if we send our forces up there and held this dragon off we could give Fyn time to do what he needs to do.” “I’ll allow it to happen. Send up the best thirty fighter ships we have up there. Fyn, do you know what you need to do?” she asked him. “I don’t really know to be honest but I’ll work it out. Figuring out how to do things is one of my rare talents. My only talent really. I’ll go down to Nippy now. Thank you!” he said as he made his way outside of the meeting room. “Commander Yellowstone. Make sure he is protected. I don’t want to be person known by the spiritual guardians who let their new protector be defeated. I’ll know you will do well.” Commander Yellowstone nodded, “Yes Madam” and he walked out and into battle.