A week had passed since the event of Area 51 and Daniel and his friend had attended Sonia’s funeral. Doug and Susan attended as well and met up with Daniel Jack as well Tazu was hiding by a couple trees who watched the funeral from a far.

“I can’t believe she is gone and here I thought Susan was going to be the one who I would lose. Is it over now? Can we go back to what it was beforehand?” Doug asked everyone.

“For you and Susan your life will be easier now. There will be no more Men in Black or aliens coming after you. You are no threat to anyone. The same is with Jack too. That might not the same with Daniel here,” Tazu answered.

“Everything you wanted you found out Daniel. I’m taking Susan home now. Come back to my place when you are ready. Lucky I still have my job and most of us was saved,” A upset Doug answered leaving the group. Jack came up to Daniel, “I don’t know if Sonia’s lose was worth it in the end. We should have done more and we didn’t. We are meant to be fighting with creatures from other worlds. I’ll see you later on.” Jack left with Doug and Susan and it was just Daniel and Tazu left.

Daniel sat down with tears coming out of him. He felt the weight and guilt of Sonia’s death on his shoulders, “All this time people told me that my digging would hurt me or someone and they were right.” Tazu sat down next to him, “She was close to you and known you for many years. I felt that when our souls and body connected back in Area 51.”

“How did you do that with the connecting of my body? What was that?” Daniel asked wanting to know more. Tazu remembered back to his first time meeting Daniel, “Remember when the Black Eyed Child had little effect on you.  That the child said ‘You are different’. I believe your family history has something to explain. Come with me and I can show something that I worked on between our first meeting and now,” Tazu said. Daniel became interested and followed him out of the funeral service.


A number of miles away Daniel’s car arrived in small forest area where Tazu’s ship was seen. The two came out and Daniel locked his car. Tazu waved his arm over the ship and the ship doors opened up. The pair climbed inside the blue lighted space ship. There was control room at the front with four rooms to the ship. Two rooms were used for lab research, one for visitors, and another for Tazu and his private works.  The pair entered his private room and Tazu pointed at holograph images on the walls. “These images here are from the past three hundred years of your family bloodline. There have been six encounters that has happened to your family. None of them remembered their experiences of alien contact. What I found out was there was some tests and possibly DNA enhancements done to them. Most of their tests failed to them and the Greys was unhappy.” Tazu started to explain to Daniel.

Daniel touched one of the holographs, looking at his past family members, “Have any of my living family members being contacts by Greys?”

Tazu tossed his head, “No, none of them have.”

“I think I know what’s happened here. Here is the kicker, the Greys never knew that they were contacting the same family bloodline over and over and something is different in me. Is that correct? Is it the same for my other family members?”

“You are correct. None of your family members have this ability you can say. You seem to be a level of immunity against certain alien illness’s and attacks on you because of these past contacts in your family. This was why I felt something special in you. I lied and said my mission was done and I was to go home. I needed to protect you and to find out more about you. The reason we could have connected our bodies is because your mind is a higher plane of energy. You can say we use positive energies as power to defeat and attack others. My race uses it for good. Reptilians use negative energies to do their crimes. The world has grown bigger for you in the past few months.”

Daniel looked around the ship’s room confused with what he should next in his life. He had spent all of it searching for the truth, figuring out the clues and now he had found it all, “What do I do now? Knowing all of this? This is a head scratcher you know. The world is not ready to know all of this. Massive chaos would happen. What are you going to do now?”

“I have been advised to stay on here to learn the culture of humans more. One day you might be able to see some of the stars with me. I’m still learning to speak better in the human tongue and be more natural so to speak.  It has been eventful for me. Seeing Area 51 but that place is normally guarded much better than it was that day. I think Maris pulled people out and wanted a fight between just us. He believed what he was doing was right which shows the human race is still young.”

Daniel gave a small smile and touched the walls of the ship, “To travel to your home and see other races. That would be amazing but not for now. My friends are hurting and I am. I think I need that long holiday to myself. I know you will be around to see me and others. I’m going to catch up with Doug and everyone else and soon we’ll see each other again.”

Tazu nodded, “Until we meet again. I guess now you know you are a different person from others but still human and that’s something I enjoy. Humans are a very interesting and complex race. I will learn more while you are away.”

Daniel stepped outside of the ship and walked to his car. The ship’s engines started up and he watched the known UFO disappear into a blue streak flash into the skies.  He went inside his car and turned the engine on and remembered all the years of investigations that finally paid off for him and the lose too, “If the planet needs my help in the future then so be it. To prevent a lose like Sonia and never make sure that happens again,” he said to himself and he drove off onto the highway back to the world of normality.