Time Cruisers are a family of time travelers who grew up in the world called LegoLand which is not made of the know danish toy. The Cyber Family makes up of Percy Cyber, his strong minded wife Sandra, his son Cody and his his father known as Dr. Cyber. The short stories highlights the adventures of Dr. Cyber and Cody Cyber as they battle Vulture a evil time traveler who wishes to abuse time and space for his own gain.

These adventures take place before the events of the LegoLand series and during it. In the past Percy would have traveled with his father but now he is working on his own projects and dealing with Sandra’s pressure to not let Cody be in harm’s way of time traveling and battling against Vulture. The adventures were thought up during the periods of 1997 and 1998.

The Time Cruisers – Chapter 1

Meeting Vulture – Chapter 2

Escape from the Sea Star – Chapter 3

Time Travel Chase – Chapter 4