It was quiet 2015 in some respects in terms of writing for my 20th year of writing. However in creative terms I created a successful and growing YouTube Show and building the next chapter of my life at a new place after spending eight years at my old house.  This new year is about slowing returning to writing which starts with the short story “Written into Existence” and now the long build of Chris Ticehurst Creativity to gather together creative people who are into writing. artwork, music, and all sorts of creative ideas.

I wish to expand beyond writing in creative ideas and the Youtube Show Nintendo Ninja News was a key reason in doing it.  I thought 2015 was going to the big year in writing  because it was 20 years of being a writer but other things got in the way but now these issues have been taken care of.

So it’s time to build this new Facebook Group, promoting it and getting people into the swing of it. Let’s hope it all works out fine.