Since the amazing invention of Nippy was revealed to Vincent Lamour it was time for Fyn Yates to return to normal life where he was working in a department store to make ends meat. He was found in his uniform of a blue shirt and black pants moving around boxes and stacking shelves of foods. He kept on rubbing his head nervous about things while he tried to stack the shelves as quickly as he could. One customer came up to him for some aid, “Do you know where the hardware section here?” asked the older woman. “Oh well umm, let me think on that one ok?” Fyn answered trying to think of where it could possibly be. “Oh it would be over there near the garden hoses and seeds things that you buy. It’s over there,” he answered. The older woman smiled and nodded and carried on her way. Fyn turned around  and bumped into the boxes he was was unpacking and they all fell onto the ground. He panicked and his heart was racing. His shaking hands tried to pick up the boxes but was unable to do so quickly. A few other co-workers noticed and just grinned and laughed at him in the distance. Fyn saw them in the corner of his eye and frowned. He placed his hands together and leaned down thinking about the mess he had made.  In the end he picked up the boxes and carried on with his work.

When it came to his work shift ending he was near the staff room when he heard his co-workers talking about him, “The guy is so weird. I mean Fyn think he’s some sort of inventor but what I heard is nothing he makes works well at all. His clothes never fit him well and he talks so strange. No wonder no one wants to be friends with him”. Fyn overheard the conversation and quickly grabbed his coat and headed for home in his car. Later in the night when he got home. He walked slowly into the large shed where Nippy the Spaceship was resting. He walked in and Nippy’s screen opened awake with a warm and welcoming humming sounds. Nippy noticed Fyn was hunched over with his coat in his hands in tears. Nippy’s screen changed to the tears symbols when he saw him. “It always happens at this work place I go to Nippy. They tease me and make me feel sad Nippy. I try so hard to do the right thing but I get nervous around people and I make mistakes too often  I can’t seem to find the right job for me Nippy. I’m good at studies and working with my head but it’s people Nippy,” he explained to his spaceship. He found some food from the store he brought home and went to the front of Nippy where a food fuel tray where the shutter to open it was in the shape of a smile. He opened it up himself and placed some of the food inside Nippy. Nippy’s screen symbols changed to smiling faces enjoying the fuel and the food treats.

Fyn stood in front of him and rubbed his spaceship with a wry smile, “Maybe I don’t belong anywhere here or in any universe. It’s just me and you Nippy. Mum and Dad live far away and I know that they care about me but I’m by myself now and I have to live with that. You’re the only invention that I made that actually works and I can’t really show you to everyone. People might try to tale you away from me and do all sorts of funny tests on you. That’s why you have to stay with me and in the shed. Your fuel tank is still too small and ineffective to travel into space yet. I’m not sure if I can fix you. I mean that was why I made you. To be a real spaceship and come and have adventures with me,” Fyn explained.

He saw Nippy’s screen symbols changed to rockets off blasting off and Fyn smiled tapping Nippy on the side, “We can’t go into space yet Nippy. I know your food tank is full but it would be too hard on you.” Nippy’s side door dropped to the ground to give the hint he wanted to go and see if he could go into space or not. “Oh Nippy I don’t want to push you or hurt you. I mean it is getting abit late don’t you think?” he noted to his spaceship. Nippy opened and shut his food shutter door repeatedly and his symbol eyes showed love hearts to give the impression of a smiling face. Fyn turned around, “Alright, we can try to circle the globe tonight is that ok?” he answered. Nippy’s small wings gave small flaps as he headed around and entered inside his spaceship.

Nippy started up his engines with excitement and flew out of the large shed and started his climb up into the skies. Fyn was steering Nippy along the path into space, “Your speed is looking good as always and all the signs on the control deck is looking great! Let’s go into space!” he cried as the pair shot off away from Earth to explore what might be out there.