On my Facebook Profile and Fan Page I explained that The Author’s War would be for free and that if a book that discusses about mental illness and may help others it shouldn’t come at a cost. Both editions will be free. The Standard edition will showcase all the chapters of the novel and will be released on the web site for free for everyone. The Extended Edition will have extra chapters and bonus martial about the novel to be written for it.  There may be more backstory behind the actual war begins due to the fact that The Alien of the Phoenix 2 and Xtreme Squad 2 does discuss the beginnings of their involvement in the Author’s War.   There ins’t a clear idea of what extra martial I will add but will be released on Kindle next year. This does the book will be released at the end of this month, a major change from end of this year. I feel that this story should be told and not later.

There will be a number of Behind the Story audio pod casts to be released for the book and a poster for it too. More posters and a book cover will be released in 2015.