Everyone sat down at a large round table Hayden had at a back room downstairs where Daniel started placing the papers and the laptop on it. Hayden gave a look at the papers noticed the clue about The Witness.

“You know that aliens aren’t my thing, if it was ghosts I could help you more. That report that Dr. Carter sent in is something I can help you with. The poison used to kill your friend’s boss is something that has been used for ghosts. Let me explain better, some of the core elements in it are not human made. Those core elements are used to help heal people from ghost visits or spiritual attacks. However the same core elements can be used for evil. So as we both know aliens and ghosts have been known to cross into each other’s worlds so to speak. So in theory Daniel your friend’s boss was killed by an alien mixture of sorts. It’s not human based.” Hayden explained to Daniel.

“Are you saying the men in black are not human?” Sonia asked him.

“I don’t know to be honest. They could be very much human sent in by the government. Was your encounters strange like you weren’t talking to humans at all?”

“One of the men had a cold touch, black eyes, had a strange personality. It was like he was trying to act the part of a human but wasn’t doing a great job of it,” Jack answered to Hayden.

“My guess would be that both are alien and they are not from the government. My other theory is that they have been watching Daniel over many years based on their movement and their history of how they contact and threaten people. Now there is a death, it’s a warning to back off before more people are killed. But for Daniel and his close friends they might be lucky for now.”

“I haven’t seen the men in black at all until the past few weeks and why are we so lucky, one of us has died over this,” Daniel questioned Hayden.

“Good question and I have a answer for that one. The men in black normally at first let you know they are watching you. Maybe they will watch from the car or behind a building in secret at first but the next move would be to make sure you know they are watching you. You’re a special case Daniel and I think for me I’m another special case too. We are two well known researchers in the country and likely worldwide. Yes both are us are seen as nut cases seeking the truth so to speak but if we found the smoking gun and presented it and got killed, the public will find out and could believe us in the ending. My prediction is that there will be a level of darkness you will get yourself into when the focuses that want you to stop digging will try to kill you at any cost.

Your friend Doug and that boss of his was killed because he’s not connected to you, he’s a nobody in the UFO researchers world. That report on his death can easily be changed to a heart attack; he was older than Doug and had a history of weight issues. Be careful what you do and how you do things. I don’t want anything bad to happen to you at all. You and Jack and Sonia being here pose a threat to me because the men in black are watching,” Hayden explained in full of his theory.

“I can’t complain with those thoughts Hayden and that’s why you so good at what you do. Help me find the Witness and I’ll get Doug online to talk to you,” Daniel asked him.

“Only for you Daniel. I’ll make that tea,” Hayden answered.

Daniel logged onto his computer while Sonia and Jack were putting sugar in their tea when Doug came up on the video link, “Have you found the Witness?” he asked Daniel.

“Not yet Doug but Hayden and I have a couple questions about the men in black. No contacts or anything out of picture at work today?” Daniel asked.

“No, just plenty of sad faces about the bosses death. I’ve locked myself in my office today apart when Geoff comes in for lunch with me.”

Hayden appeared next to Daniel in the video link to see Doug, “Hey there. I spoke to Sonia about these guys in black and she said she saw them late at night around 9:30pm then a second time in the early morning following by a actual confrontation in the mid morning towards lunch time. What time did you see them at night again?”

“That time can’t be right because I saw their black car in the carpark lot after work at 10pm. I didn’t see the men but it was the same car I remembered when they threatened me at the beach when Susan was there as well,” Doug answered in full.

Hayden nodded his head and looked back up at Doug on the screen, “My theory is that these men are in fact aliens. I don’t know what type of aliens they are but this could confirm it.”

“How could they be in one spot and drive around the whole in just thirty minutes. The drive is at least over a hour to reach where Doug works. It doesn’t make sense,” Sonia added to discussion.

“Maybe the car isn’t a real car, it could be a UFO that’s shaped like a olden day car. The quick travels, the inhuman like looks and personality. I do think someone in the government is watching you but also these aliens are too. The question is they linked or are they working apart and don’t know each other,” Hayden suggested.

“Thanks Doug for the quick chat and keep safe will you. I’m going to work on the Witness now,” Daniel told Doug.

“Good luck and keep me posted,” Doug answered switching off his video link.


The group stayed together for a few hours talking to people online and a number of phone calls were made. Hayden handed a form with a couple notes inside and nodded to him, “This is the Witness, a photo and a last known address of six years ago. All I know is he’s a country man who lives by himself. Not many people know him but with the right channels and the rumors some in the small town know him as the Witness,” he told him.

“Why is he called the Witness?” Jack asked Hayden.

“He’s seen a number of alien cases first hand and has done some research over his time. Sometimes the aliens come to him. That’s all I have. Back to ghost hunting for me!” Hayden answered with a smile.

Daniel stood up from his seat and smiled at his old high school friend, “Thanks for all your help. If you ever need any help on your own cases let me know.”

“I will. Keep out of trouble and stay healthy,” he answered pointing at him.

The three of them left the house and started to drive to the town square where Daniel informed Sonia and Jack of his new plans in the car,” I’m going to see the Witness by myself. If he knows the world of UFO’s than chances are he might know about me. I want you two to look after Doug and make sure nothing happens to anyone involved with us.”

Jack nodded and Daniel grabbed him by the arm and whispered in his ear, “Would you ever use that gun of yours if you needed to?” he asked.

“In the line of my duty to protect I would,” he answered.

“I don’t like fighting, I want peace but there are times to defend yourself,” Daniel replied.

Sonia came up to Daniel unsure and worried that Daniel was again forgetting about his health,” You’re not going to overdo things again are you? We can’t help you if you’re in the middle of the country,” she told me.

“I’ll be fine and I’ll try to look after myself better. I promise you. Look after Jack and Doug for me and I will come back,” Daniel answered trying to make her feel better.

Daniel took off in another car when they returned near back home and headed out the desert and the country side to find the Witness. He wasn’t sure what was going to happen to him but he had been through worse so far in his travels.