Vadey: The Short Love Story was a joint short story between Chris Ticehurst and poet Sushant Rahal . The idea of the story came to be when the two wanted to do a story together back in 2003. However there were problems on the storyline and what it would be about. The decision would be to include themselves in a story and place Sushant’s poems in the story. This was the third time that Chris has put himself into a story and is said to be fiction compared to some person insights seen in LegoLand (1995) and massive persona insight into his life seen in The Author’s War (2004).  Below you will find just the Story Download and Online Chapters as the characters are are based on real people and not part of Ticehurst’s story universes.

A Preview no one liked – Ch 1

Vadey’s Lost Love – Ch 2

There ins’t such a thing – Ch 3

Changing the Story – Ch 4

Arriving in India – Ch 5

Coming together – Ch 6

Love and Drama – C h 7