Chris was still tossing his head at the form of blackmail and went on with the story. He didn’t want to talk too much of the storyline away, which in so he was doing.

“The days went by. At the end of the year Vadey came to know about one thing that Richa use to keep his rose in her pocket. Now he wanted to tell her everything about his feelings to her. But he was still feeling shy and nervous in this matter. Amit tried to help him by calling Richa on the back of school church. Vadey went there and said hi. She returned with a hi. Well he didn’t knew what to say so he said,

”Have you brought your physics practical file?”

But that day, there was no practical of physics and it was chemistry practical day. She replied no. So she started walking from there. Vadey called her from behind,” Richa…I love you…”

He was feeling, as his feet were not touching the ground. She left from there without giving any reply and Vadey the fool wasn’t courageous enough to stop her to have answer from her.

Vadey didn’t know this thing that someone else was also hearing his words. It was their classmate Aslam. Soon the news spread like fire in the class. Everyone started hooting when he entered the class. He had no idea what was happening. Then he saw Richa’s eyes. She was crying hiding her face in her arms. Soon he came to know all about the matter from Amit. He was burning like hell now. But he could do nothing. So he went to his place smelting like iron.


“That’s terrible,” thought Nicky.

“Yeah, I had that happen to me in high school,” said Tom.

“Tom, we’re listening to Vadey here. Not your failed love life,” reminded Nicky.

“You still read my brother’s column on love. He just makes jokes about me,” said Tom.

“Umm… Tom you are a joke,” said Nicky.

“Are you two listening to my story or what?” snapped Chris at the reporters.

“Yeah,” spoke the two at once as Chris went on once again.

“They stopped having a talk but they had a mediator; Amit. She tried to make it out for both of them but no response came from Richa. The conditions became worse. The class teacher came to know about it too. She soon reported the matter to the Principal of the school. She called the parents of both of them.


The next day, Vadey was not alone going to school, his parents were accompanying him and it was the case with Richa. They all were called in the principal’s room. The principal told that these are just of small age. They will forget about it soon. So everything will be fine afterwards. But his words pinched Vadey.

When he reached home, the principal’s words were enshrouding his mind. He went to his room with a knife and wrote in bold letters ‘Richa’ on his arm. That was the bravest thing that he ever did in his life. The blood was flowing out. But he was happy. But his parents soon came to know about this thing. They went crazy on him. Soon the class came to know about it too. But every moment passing by he felt that she was going far from her.”


“That’s a dumb thing to do. Using a knife like that,” complained Tom.

“It’s how the story went stupid,” reminded Chris.

“Shut up Tom. I’m trying to listen,” butted in Nicky.

“Ok, ok. Just saying, that’s all,” defended Tom.


“One night he called her. To his good luck she picked the phone from other side. He asked her how was she. She said that she was fine. Her parents were not home. We had a little talk every word expressing Vadey ‘s love indirectly but nothing worked.

They never talked to each other again as the schools year was over, and nothing concluded to there love story at school,” read Chris at the media press.


“So that’s the novel?” asked Tom.

“No, there’s more,” answered Chris.

“Do tell,” smiled Nicky at Chris.

“No more, ok just a bit more,” gave in Chris.

“What happened after school?” asked Tom worried about Vadey.

“There was one more thing that happened to Vadey at the school,” noted Chris and went on again with the story.


It was a nice day when the annual dance competition was announced in the school. Vadey was ready to for it because he knew that he was unmatchable. He started his practice at home with lot of determination and he was sure to win. The competition date came closer and closer and Vadey was ready for it. On the competition day, he left to a beauty parlor for a make up of a dragon on his face. It took so long that he was late for school. So his brother, who was known as master blaster of the school (cricket’s best batsman), took him to the school in the car. He was right there on time before his number to be announced. Everyone was looking at him and were speechless. His name was announced he went on the stage with great confidence. His costume was good. So was his makeup. He was looking perfect. Every one raised themselves to see him dancing. No one stopped hooting in praise and so were their hands (restless). He was happy with his performance and so was everybody. Every one was congratulating him. Even Richa was clapping for her. She looked happy too. She too congratulated him with a hug for his performance. Vadey couldn’t believe it. The contestants loose their hope of winning but they were fighting for the runner up positions.

The results were out next day in the school assembly. Vadey was standing with his fingers crossed. The first name was out but it wasn’t Vadey and so was the others name out missing the name Vadey completely. Everyone was amazed in hearing that. Then the principal said that Vadey was disqualified because he hasn’t given the fund (which was compulsory for every student). Vadey was about to weep but he didn’t because there was every one in the assembly and he didn’t wanted to show his weakness to every one. Every one felt sorry for Vadey. Every one by the next day forgot it but he didn’t. It was one of the most embarrassing moment for him. He thought of never dancing again,” said a sadden Chris.


Nicky blew into a tissue as Tom pretended ‘there was something in his eye’. Chris went quiet too wondering about poor Vadey. How far he came but how far he was.

“So he lost her?” asked a sad looking Nicky.

“He did had another chance, it was her birthday I remember,” though Chris.


It was her birthday on 6th august. Vadey gave her a call on 5th august as Vadey saw her parents leaving from her house. Vadey thought in my mind yes it was the chance that he had to call her. So he rang her and he knew that no else will pick up the phone, as she will be alone. She picked up the phone but Vadey could have only said the words.

“So tomorrow you turn 19” and she put the phone down. Well it was like a sign that she remembered my voice and so does me. Vadey was really happy but sad too that he could even wish her. Well he made up mind to give her another call. She picked up the phone. What he was able to say was that “pick up the card tomorrow morning at your home” and that’s it. She put down the phone again but he said what he wanted to say this time. He planned the whole thing that he would throw it in her house at nighttime but a problem arises. The person living next door to Richa, who was Vadey’s friend, had heartbreak and he could really understand how is it to suffer such a devastation. So Vadey dropped his idea and sat with him all night talking about leaving the girls who didn’t deserve the boys like us but Vadey didn’t meant that from the heart. They were just said to console him. Maybe his girl wasn’t wrong as Richa who was not having any kind of fault in this matter. He drank a full bottle of whisky but he was there too for his company. Well but Vadey was drank very little of it. He was just completely drunk crying and crying and made me cry too as her face came before my eyes. Vadey started crying like a kid too in his company. And then he suddenly fainted. I took him downstairs, changed his clothes, washed his face and he lied on bed. He will not even know when he fell asleep. We waked up late next day. And I started my day by abusing him what he did to himself last night. The other thing was that I didn’t stick to my words, which I said to Richa. May be there will some benefit of for him. So Vadey took the card with him and placed it in her scooter when she was attending her computer courses. He left that place. Vadey came back there about after two hours and what my eyes saw was pieces of my card. Vadey was sad but he knew that it was going to happen. Well he went to his friend’s house, same friend his name is Tannie, and waited for her to come out. Vadey waited for about thirty minutes when He saw the moon on the street. She was looking marvelous. She was wearing pink top and black jeans, her hair pinned nicely. He just remained there all the evening till the party was over. At the end when she was about to enter her home she gave me gaze that’s all and nothing else and stepped inside her home ending his evening like the horizon of a new day.


“And that’s it?” asked Tom holding down his microphone.

“ Well he did see her at College. I’ll tell you about that one,” spoke out Chris.

College, a time in the life of everyone, which could make his or her life a success or a failure. Yes, he passed this period too. Richa was there in my class but there was no talk between us like the classmates have. He used to watch her all the time during classes. Her father was professor of English in our college who tried everything to kick him out of college and tried to fail him in the college exams but Vadey passed all his exams which the professors took or which the nature took.

Whenever the thing that Vadey was watching her came into her notice, she used to make a wall of girls in between his sight and her face but he still used to try to see her by changing the angles to view her which used to make her laugh. Vadey used to have a lot of pictures of her with him. He collected it from every where he could get it. Sometimes he even had to pay money for it to her friends, to buy them. Vadey never tried to talk to her in the college so that to save her from abashment.  All the time he went on with her, Vadey was never sure of the thing whether she loved him or not. For me it was like walking in a dark room to seek for a ray, which Vadey may find, or never in my life.

After two years of his studies in the college he was eligible for the medical college entrance test. His friends wanted him to talk to her and say all the things which were on his mind to her and tell her that Vadey still loved her but he still was so shy to talk to her about it and fearful to hear the word ‘no’ from her mouth. So Vadey kept on moving like that making some future plans that he would talk to her when he will get admission in a professional college. But nothing worked out for me as he failed to get admission in a medical college that year. After the college was over, she joined the computer classes and he used to watch her everyday going for her classes; to know how she was. Her birthday was coming near and it was on 6th of this coming august and Vadey thought of giving her a warm greeting card with all the things written in it about my feelings for her.