The meeting and discussion with Allegheri continued on for a couple hours until Chisoutsa, Mr. Umzeu and Alan Richards were set off to find Reykjavik. Allegheri gave Chisoutsa a detailed map with notes on each location and where to find the vampire. The group kept on stopping along he way as Alan was getting tired of walking.

“You two are the worst pick I had to have to help me fight this vampire. Even the Professor on the one leg would fare better then the two of you,” Chisoutsa complained at them.

“I can fight well Chisoutsa. You just haven’t seen me caught in a corner yet. I’m too smart. I don’t go looking for battles. Especially in the Death Lands,” Mr. Umezu snapped back.

“And the City of Demons is a nice place to start a company?” she replied.

“Well it would have worked if you and Censilo didn’t turn up.”

“Such a shame, I’m going to read the map while you two rest again,” Chisoutsa said.

They all stood around the desert lands. It was windy and dry. The travel was hard and long. They were a few miles away from Lockjaw Castle where they distanced off the other castles. All the castles were the same design but has different settings that set hem apart. Allegheri wrote down that the Vampire Lust Castle was very different and was the tallest one. He said it reminded him of another great castle in other world. Chisoutsa folded up the map and looked at Alan sitting on the ground.

“We need to keep on moving. Hop up Alan,” she called out.

Alan dusted himself off and put back on his lab jacket. It was shorter then the ones he was used to wearing. “Why is Reykjavik called the Lust Vampire?” he asked Chisoutsa.

“Beats me, I wouldn’t know. Beside we are heading to Hew Castle. Try and find out where to go from there. We’re rest and sleep there tonight,” she answered.

Sleeping eyes rest as far away dangers were reborn. Bubbling away and the darkness was resurging in the Death Lands. Far to the north led a large graveyard towards a dark and red bloody castle lair. Large red balls placed on cornerstones covered in blood land and a coffin stood in the center of the Convoitise Castle. A waterfall of blood flowed behind it and the coffin lid started to move. A small group of vampire girls watched from the doorway excited hat their master and lover was awaking. The lid fell to the ground with a large crack in the air. A hand rose above the coffin with a ring that had a monster on it as the figure climbed out of it.

The face appeared as a young man with long black hair and black eyes. He licked his tongue slowly across his bottom lip and the vampire girls came in and paraded around him.

“My beautiful girls, how are all we all today?” he asked.

“Oh we are all happy to see you my love. Are you feeling stronger from your long sleep?” one of the girls asked him.

“I feel very good inside. The taste of victory is much desired within me,” he replied looking at the girls. They all had long hair of blonde, black and red. They only wore a silk white gown where all private pleasures were shown to their lover and master.

The dark Reykjavik walked over to the blood waterfall and he let the blood pore over him and he drank some of it and smiled towards the girls.

“Today marks my return and there’s nothing powerful enough to stop. Not even the vampire who refuses to drink blood and his pitiful wizard friend can dent his desire to rule my lands,” Reykjavik said.

The doorway opened again and a male vampire entered the room.

“It is me Kayi, your personal helper. It is wonderful to see you awake and strong again. I have all the latest news for you,” Kayi boomed.

“My personal suck up. What news do you pre tell?” Reykjavik asked.

“There’s a massive price on your head for your death. The Village has been speaking about in the past few days. My sources tell no one has accepted the offer yet,” Kayi answered.

“So Irasil Allegheri is too gutless to have a battle with me and wants some farmer boy or human to do the job for me. What will he send a demon or ghost to fight me?”

“I wouldn’t have a clue but Allegheri was the one who made the offer to everyone in the Death Lands. Isn’t he 300 years late to be trying to stop you?”

“Time isn’t on his side anymore Kayi. A mere human has been called upon to defeat me. It’s nice to know Allegheri is willing to give up free blood to me.”

Reykjavik ordered Kayi to follow on with the information at hand and to find out who was assigned to kill him. He walked off with his vampire beauties out of the coffin room.


The light rose over the sleeping travelers and Alan was the first to awake. He leaned over to Mr. Umzeu and shook him.

“Time to get up, that castle we were meant to be at is only down the road.” He whispered.

“I’m getting up. I’m not the morning person now in retirement. If you weren’t slow we would have been there by now,” Mr. Umzeu complained.

Chisoutsa was the last to wake up. She stood up and looked over the castle in front and turned to Alan and Mr. Umezu.

“We need to move now,” she said quickly heading off to the castle.

‘I check the map late last night and it this place was called Huw Castle. Not much information about this place. Allegheri said he hasn’t visited it before, Mr. Umzeu said to Alan.

The small party crossed past the open doors of the castle. It was surprise warm and covered in rich pieces of furniture. Chisoutsa looked around for anyone and turned to Alan, “This place is empty. Looks like the owners are not here. They turned around and saw a young male dressed in white shirt and jeans. He looked at him unhappily.

“Are from you that dirty vampire I know of? Trying to steal my stuff?” he shouted at him. He grabbed a sword from the side of the room and Chisoutsa moved ahead to him. They smashed swords and the mystery owner was pinned against the wall quickly.

“Why the hell do I do this if I do this?” he cried disappearing in a flash.

Chisoutsa turned around and looked at Mr. Umezu, “Where the fuck is he? What’s going on?” she cried.

A pot plant lifted above her head and smashed it on her. She fell to the ground and didn’t move.

“It’s a ghost! There’s no way to fight one,” Mr. Umzeu shouted.

Alan pushed in towards the ghost and cried out, “You won’t get me so easily. I’m Alan Richards and I know a thing or two.”

“He knows nothing, don’t listen to him,” Mr. Umezu replied.

The ghost appeared straight away and studied Alan very closely “Oh my god, you’re a Richards. I’m your great, great uncle. Nice to meet you,” cried the ghost.

Alan grew in shock and turned to Mr. Umezu, “Now you know something,” Mr. Umezu answered him.