The journey in Soclice has taken a toll on everyone who had seen the destruction by the hand of Wararth. Lucas Walken and Frithdar lead the group along the streets with burned down buildings and people hiding in their homes. Wararth had made sure his power and fear strike in the minds of everyone. Frithdar pointed towards the deserted building where Kalund suggested the ghost of the Emperor might be hiding.

“We have to see what we can do to see him finally,” Frithdar said.

Together the group walked into the deserted building and Frithdar raised up both his hands, “Come forward ghost of the Emperor, the one who lives forever. The soul that was taken by Wararth, the voice in the air. Come forward and be free forever!” he shouted.

A violent clash of lightening was heard around the building and the ripped papers on the desks flew up in the air. Alan and Lucas turned around to see a image starting to appear.

“Come forward Emperor, time for you to appear” Lucas said to the image.

The image appeared into the ghost of the Emperor and he shook his head and rolled his neck and looked at the group, “Am I alive or dead. Can you all see me now,”

“Yes we can see you now Emperor,” said Lucas while Frithdar soften the spell and the room returned to its normal state.

“You must be the true Emperor, the one who’s soul was taken I believe. I was the one who did the DNA tests on your body,” Alan said to the Emperor.

“Yes, I am the true Emperor. I have been wandering my land for more twenty years and I thought I would be doomed forever. It is wonderful to see Stoin and Kalund again and be able to speak to them again. They have been the ones in the council he had the best heart and thought for Soclice,” The Emperor said.

“It is amazing to see you again dear Emperor. Our new friends have been working hard to try to bring Soclice back together again. We believe we can return you back to your body to help save Soclice,” Kalund explained.

“How would we do that, I have heard the whispers about a soul exchange from my spying you can say. I have been watching you all help so much than I haven’t been able to do anything.”

Lucas came up to the Emperor to explain about the Staff of Soclice, “We believe if you return to your body the staff will become unusable to Wararth and that would weaken his position over Soclice.”

The Emperor floated around the room pounding about the Staff of Soclice and its new found power. He turned back to the group in thought, “You know myself and the past emperors never thought the Staff of Soclice would actually have all these abilities. I mean we thought it is a myth after all this time. Why is it I never could use its power?” he asked.

“I think it’s just the simple case that no one knew. If people believe it’s a myth or legend than no one would ever try to really it and believe in it. Now that you know everything is going to be easier for you and that the great power that it has comes with the great responsibly,” Frithdar responded to the Emperor.

Stolin looked through the windows of the deserted building and looked at the Emperor, “I suppose we need to move on and meet up with Chisoutsa. I hope she is well after the church outing and what not.”

“Chisoutsa is strong, I’m sure she is fine. Once we get to the Emperor’s house we will have to be quick about returning you to your body. Both Lucas and I will hold off Wararth for as long we can,” Frithdar replied.


Meanwhile Chisoutsa’s state of mind was still in overdrive as she wandered through the streets of Soclice. She arrived at the court yards of the Emperor with borrowed clothes from one of the beach houses as she was sat down around the flower beds and statues of pat emperors. Her hands felt warm, burning of fire as she struggled with her new found powers. Over the horizon she saw Lucas leading the group as for the first time visional the ghost of the Emperor could be seen. She decided to head them off and go see Wararth on her own. She walked into the Emperor’s House with Wararth sitting in the throne watching on.

“Well well, you look under the weather Chisoutsa. Have we been getting in touch with one’s other side?” Wararth commented on Chisoutsa’s look.

“I’ve made some tough choices and your time here is ending Wararth,” Chisoutsa replied.

Wararth stood up from his throne seat and turned his head towards Chisoutsa, “These choices were hard for you to make. Even now your mind is struggling and failing before you. How does it feel for you to go around your father’s back. How disappointed will he feel in you?”

“How would you know that,” Chisoutsa asked.

“The expression is written on your face. Under all your darkness of the demon inside there is a part of you that questions your decision. I know why you did it. So come get him,” Wararth said with a cry in his voice.

Chisoutsa unleash fire in her hands and threw a couple bolts at the ghostly lord. Lucas and Frithdar entered the Emperor’s House with the ghost of the Emperor in hand and read the play.

“Chisoutsa, stay back and let’s do the body transfer,” Lucas shouted out.

Chisoutsa moved back from confronting Wararth who was firing up of power. The ghost of the Emperor held on to Chisoutsa’s hand as together as they ran around the back of the throne and she lifted up the tome of his body with force. She placed her hand on the chest of the dead emperor and her eyes and hands glowed a bright red. Wararth turned forward towards Lucas and Frithdar unleashing a blizzard upon the two of them. He shot around and grabbed the staff in hand and skull bashed Lucas continually. The ghost of the emperor slowly returned to his body and freed up Chisoutsa.

The power of the staff started to misfire for Wararth. He threw the staff away as soon as he saw the real Emperor appear back in his body after twenty years.

“Curses I should have known.” He growled to himself.

He increased his blizzard in the Emperor’s House where the Emperor held up the staff and a binding light flashed across the area. The light shook Wararth around and balanced enough to freeze Lucas and Frithdar in their paths. Chisoutsa and the Emperor together tried to push the blizzard back to Wararth while he disappeared from sight.

“Where he go?” Chisoutsa said moving around the room.

“I don’t know, let’s split up in the room. I’ll stay here next to the throne.” The Emperor said.

Wararth reappeared straight in front of Chisoutsa put his arm into her body and overtook her entire body, “Chisoutsa!” cried the Emperor.

Wararth inside Chisoutsa’s body turned around with a grin on her face, “Now this is real power.”