The long night had set in for Daniel, Doug, and Sonia as they looked over the photos and papers that they found at the department. Doug rubbed his eyes not used the late nights.

“I don’t know how the two of you do these Kate nights and I’m sure you have done this many times. These photos were the ones where that sighting was when you were doing the Childstar skull case, wasn’t it?”

“Yeah that’s the one and you do get used to the late nights Doug. These photos were never released but for the ones take in space, these were photos were photoshopped and given to you a couple weeks. I suggest these UFO were either unexplained or he real thing. It’s hard to tell you know,” Daniel said.

“Look at this guys. I found something in the papers. There are two Starchild skulls. One here is noted as having died and as for the second one on the right is noted as missing aka wanted. This must the alien child they are looking for,”

Daniel had a brainwave and sat down reading the papers. He remembered the voice telling him to find the papers, “I meant to find these notes. Someone led me to this. The voice in the room told me to pick them up knowing it had something important for us. That voice was the alien child.”

Doug sipped some coco standing behind him looking at the two skulls, “I didn’t hear those voices and I was with you and Trevor.

“he only wanted to talk to me and only me. He’s been leading me around these cases so I can connect the clues. The men in black, did you notice when they were looking for us they said he. Eh we’re never looking for us. only he, the alien child. The alien child was sensing they were coming but wanted to make sure I got the message and as soon as I did he disappeared. They want him dead for some reason,” Daniel explained.

“They don’t want stock tact him so that’s why they drove me off a road and threatened you Doug. We must be getting closer than ever to him,”Sonia added.

Doug laughed to himself and shaking his head, “What would this alien child so to speak have to give to us if he is real. First there’s missing limped bodies, black eyed children running around and now this alien child popping up giving voice only messages to Daniel. This is doing my head in.”

“I’m the one hearing the voices and I’m not going crazy. This should be doing my head in the most. What’s the other note that those papers say?” Daniel asked Sonia.

“the other note suggested that this alien escaped from somewhere. If he’s wanted either he’s done something wrong or he’s on the run. I think he’s on the run,” Sonia said.

“We’ll I’m going home now to explain to Susan why I spent the half the night with you two. Don’t stay up too late and don’t go all crazy on the theories,” Doug replied.

Doug headed outside of Daniel’s study room and Sonia looked at the UFO image over the park where they first started the investigations into the alien child.

“We know he was in that UFO but I wonder where that craft is if he’s on the run. I better we should hear Doug’s advice and go to bed. I’ll see you in the morning,” Sonia walking out of the room.

Daniel’s turned to the photos and looked at the notes and papers on the desk, “I will find you soon, I have to,” he said to himself.


Early in the morning and Daniel Phoenix’s mobile phone was buzzing. Daniel got up slowly very tired and not knowing what he was doing. He slipped over some notes on the floor and land on his face.

“Shit, this is too early for me,” he complained as he picked up his phone.

“Jack why are you calling this early?” He asked on the phone.

“It’s not my fault that you stayed up all night like you normally do. I’m driving to your house. Get ready in ten minutes,” Jack said.

Daniel pulled myself up from the floor rubbing his head half tired, “What is this about?”

“Got a call from Bruce the truck driver. He’s found something really strange. He didn’t say much but was quite worried about it. He said we should check this out now.”

“Ok I’ll be ready. I’ll take a coffee with me to wake up better,” Daniel answered.

Soon enough Daniel walked outside and saw Jack driving up next to him and he climbed inside, “This is early and cold to be outside. Turn this heater on,” replied Daniel.

“I heard about your break in helpings with Doug from Sonia during last night. At least you didn’t get caught like how we first met,” joked Jack.

“yeah we nearly got caught by the men in black but this time they weren’t looking for us but for the alien child. I’m sure of this. Where is Bruce?” He asked.

Jack turned on the radio in his car, “He’s at a weight in station on the highway.”

“What’s a weight in station?”

“It’s where they weight in trucks so their load is safe and legal. He’s stopped out there and has told us to meet us there. It is something he said he found so we’ll be there soon,” Jack answered.

The car driving on the highway turned off and saw Bruce standing outside of his long loading truck waving them into see him. They came out and Bruce came up to them.

“So you have something to show us. What was it that you wanted us to see.” asked Daniel holding his coffee.

“When I start work in the mornings I come here to the weight in to make sure that my stock is correct and the right weight. When I came to load my truck up I noticed that the wage scale actually showed that there was something on the scale itself. I wen over to investigate it and that was when I saw something weird. I thought that it was the mistake. I thought it was, it was broken. That I was wrong. You should go over there with me and see what’s up with it. it might surprise you,” Bruce said.

Daniel and Jack tailed Bruce as he wandered over to the weight in area where the scales were clearly seen with nothing on the truck.

“The scale might be broken you know,” Jack suggested.

“I’m still yet to understand why I’m here,” Daniel said.

Bruce walked over to the weight in area and lifted up his hand and moved his hand in the air until it hit something. A loud bang like the side of a truck was heard. Jack and Daniel mood changed to shock, “It’s invisible there’s something here. The scales show that.”

“My god the trucks are invisible.” Daniel said fishing in his pocket.

He grabbed out his scanner device and Bruce looked at it, “What’s  that toy you got that mate?” Bruce asked.

“it’s a special special scanner that shows up certain things. Much like the one that my friend Hayden Norman has. Aren’t you supposed to be catching up with him soon over the bodies?” Daniel replied looking towards Jack.

“I will be talking to him soon. He’s making his way up here for a short trip with Anya his assistant.”

“Now like his toy this has the handy ability of playing with electricity and see if I can do this,” Daniel said as he pointed the scanner towards the invisible truck. Some flashes of power covered and shows the outlines of the truck as Bruce and Jack stepped.

“You’re lucky it’s still early in the morning or people might see this fantasy stuff,” Bruce said.

Daniel turned the electric charge higher as he closed his eyes and his head away from the sparks. The invisible truck started to appear in sight. He lowered his scanner to see a complete black painted truck on the weight in scale.

“I can’t believe it. A invisible truck. Is that how they have been moving stuff across without knowing?” Jack asked.

“This explains the second body. How it appeared from nowhere on the road. It fell off one of the invisible trucks by mistake. Maybe the invisible ones are the ones who hold the secrets compared to ones that don’t.”

Jack jogged back over to his car and pulled out a bag out of the boot and walked over back to Daniel and Bruce, “I have some gloves in the bag for you all. Don’t touch anything with your bare hands. We don’t know what’s in the truck.”

Jack then turned to the back of the truck and decided to open the doors to see what was inside. Daniel and Bruce came along to help open the left-hand door of the truck to see what was there. There inside was six broken chairs and beds that contained two bodies with missing limps. Much like the ones they have been finding.

“A number of people have broken out of here. It’s unknown if they were human or not,” Daniel mentioned looking inside.

“Those chairs look  like for children or teenagers you know. It could those black eyed children,” Bruce suggested rubbing his head thinking to himself.

“Heh, you could be a paranormal investigator,” smiled Jack.

“And that is a very good thought Bruce. It explains why the black eyed children are very suss about the trucks and keep their distance from them. The story that I remember from other about this case is that these black eyed children were hybrids from alien creation. Whatever government is doing this, they are kidnapping them. They never created them. As for the alien child, I think the government had a hand in it or should I say the inner circle had a hand. ”

“Bruce, seeming you are here can you check the truck front and see if this truck is working or not. Daniel, can you see the beds are suited for those missing limp bodies. What are they doing with these bodies?” Jack wondered.

Bruce walked off the back of the truck while Daniel eyed off the beds with the two bodies, “Something tells me that they are looking for these bodies. I think the government is cleaning up something,” he commented.

Jack picked up his phone, “Hey Hayden, Jack here. Don’t come to my house. I want you to come to the highway at where weight in centre is. I’ll send you the address to get here. Yep, you can help us here. Thanks.” Jack said on the phone.

“Hayden is coming over for some fun investigating? Am I not good enough?” joked Daniel.

“He has a sense of humour,” smiled Jack.

“Oh shit, what on earth?” shouted Bruce from the front of the truck.

Daniel and Jack heard it and came jumped off the back of the truck to run around to the front. Bruce was found standing back where they viewed a dead body driver in the seat.

“So someone did break out of the truck or something,” Jack noted looking at the body.

They weren’t sure what was going to happen next and what was going to happen.