I would like to welcome you to Chris Ticehurst.com.au – a brand new web site and the one that I promise I would shut down or keep on re-doing the site every three to six months. I guess I’m a fussy person when it comes to web design and that some big changes in the way I work online has happened. Since downing down two forum boards I have decided to use my time more wisely and focus on my own projects from now on. There are also major changes to how I approached designing this web site too.

Gone are the days of endless features and poor designs. It has been replaced with a simple but image/writings based theme.  The site works amazingly on PC, tablet, and smartphones which makes the experience better for anyone who uses different devices.  There are some professional designed banners and images all across the web site unlike past versions of my web site. The stories are now download only because in today’s world most people are not willing to sit at their computer or smartphone to read long stories or novels in one sitting. What is there as well as the download of the story is a detailed summary of the story or novel and plenty of information about the story.

I hope you enjoy the new web site and give us feedback on you like the new design and feel or any suggestions that you may have.