It was time to get a new phone and I got the iPhone 6 plus for its screen size, battery life, storage size of 64gb. I also wanted a very good camera and I attended the Canberra Royal Show to give it a real test of it to see how it would fare. It was easy and good to use. But there are other reasons too for the site.

I will keep on doing Facebook and take more photos over time. I will make a real effort in using Twittermore to engag with readers and gamers nowadays. Using the forum here and creating updates like I’m doing on my new iPhone will now be possible and easier due to the bigger screen.

It Is a great phone and it’s a bridging of the iPad and old IPhone 4 that I used to own.  New Attwork is in the process making and the Kindle Store should be getting towards some details next month but no releases at least by the 3rd qtr of 2015. Xtreme Squad 3 will be released this month. The forum itself will be worked on this week too. Things are starting to take shape now on the activity of readers and fans now.