Since the release of the new web site it has been quite popular in terms people viewing my opinion pieces and different stories I have put up over the months. The front page banner is looking great with Super Bakery Sisters, Chisoutsa, Xtreme Squad, and soon The Alien of the Phoenix to appear later this week. I have been looking at how to better design my About Page and the Story Profile to beef up the content and to make it more attractive to readers. That’s a work in progress over the next few weeks.

The Official Avatars have appeared which will help the news updates so you won’t see the main logo all the time. There has been some discussions of doing special banners for the sidebar when you are exploring the web site away from the front page. The front page will still have my Bio which is the easier way for people to get to know me.  Once the banners are completed we can move back to full size posters and maybe the side banners. It’s all part of bring the stories to life and giving as much life to the web site as possible.

Keep supporting the site and there’ll be more artwork and stories in the future!