Begina streamer is a tought gig. Trying to be entertaining live in front of a online crowd for hours a day and finding the right content or video games to play as well. Being a Australia streamer carries a few extra challenges that some overseas do not see or think about. Some of those barriers I have tried to overcome but others are just impossible.

One of the main issues is the time zone. Australians are awake when overseas countries like the US and UK are asleep. For my streaming page Nintendo Ninja Gaming or the Youtube channel Nintendo Ninja News I normally stream at night. During the day it’s too hard for myself as most people are working or I don’t have the time to be streaming myself as I would be doing daytime issues. Even if I stream late at 10pm for a number of hours it would be 8am in New York where people are getting ready for work or 1pm in London where there might be half a chance people have stopped work for the day. You can say other countries like New Zealand and Japan streamers would experience some of these problems too. Some of the most popular Australia streamers might net hundreds of viewers at once – some going into a couple of thousand. For the average Australia streamer I have only seen 10 to 50 viewers at once. It’s a really tough gig into get into.

One of the other main challenges is the state of the Australia internet. It’s utterly rubbish in it’s current state with a outdated dial up internet owned by the monpoly company in Telstra. The Rudd Government decided to break up Telstra and provide fibre to the home connection for the whole nation but the Liberal Party and the business heads at Telstra got upset, ended up in power due to the infighting of the Labor Party and watered down the NBN to just a simple upgrade of the ADSL. In a nut shell some homes have the good fibre to the home NBN and others have a watered down shitty version of the NBN. I am one of the lucky ones in having fibre to the home but even my fast internet connection doesn’t compare at all to other countries.

Having a lack of a awaken audience where my main group are from the US and UK and poor internet uploads and downloads it is indeed hard to be a Australian streamer. I will keep on going with the current internet service that I use and hopefully speeds will increae over the years. I once started on dial up which was impossible to do much with and ADSL which was fine for uploading videos but nearly impossible to upload streams of web cam and videos games together. Nowadays things have gotten better for me – just not for everyone else in Australia.