The Wii U has a better long life than the Xbox One, so does the PS4. Even the SNES of 20 years ago will show to have a better long life than the Xbox One. What does this mean in terms of long life? When the Xbox One was revealed the news was revealed by media sources that secondhand games will require a fee to actually play the game. This is a greedy and terrible business move by Microsoft.  Stores like Gamespot and EB Games in Australia will hate the idea of Microsoft putting a stop to pre-owned games. It’s the bread and butter of their business.

One of the directors at Microsoft Larry Hryb said  “We know there is some confusion around used games on Xbox One and wanted to provide a bit of clarification on exactly what we’ve confirmed today,” Hryb said. “While there have been many potential scenarios discussed, today we have only confirmed that we designed Xbox One to enable our customers to trade in and resell games at retail.”

Potential scenarios doesn’t sound good. I believe in the idea that someone at Microsoft leaked their own information about the blocking of pre-owned games to see what the public would think of it and now they are deciding what the best path is for them to make money from this and to make sure the pool of profit that EB Games receives goes in their pockets instead.

The other one problem with the Xbox One is that it seems you need to connect online once a day which isn’t a great idea. Some people just like to use their gaming console as a gaming console. In the bedroom with no internet connection just to play with the kids.  Now think of the games library you will build up over the years and than one day the ability for you to play those games stop. The servers shut down to move on to the next big console. You won’t be able to connect to those servers to prove you are the original owner of the disc so you can the play game.  I can still play games on my old SNES or a old PS2 because they don’t need the internet to give me the ability the games that I paid for.  It just doesn’t make sense. Another strange move is the 500gb hard drive option, every game must be installed, games are about 25 gb in size abut Microsoft said you can use added hard drives. Sadly I do feel they meant Microsoft type hard drives as before.

The design of the Xbox One highly suggests they are moving away from games as the only and primary use of this machine. They are taking on Sony, Nintendo, Google, and Apple for your lounge room and that’s a real battle against the odds. With a company that has $130 billion sitting in cash and working on a device for the lounge room maybe called Apple TV, Sony who has the good experience of technology and gaming learnt over the years and Nintendo with their history of legendary games and is still strong despite everyone thinking they are dead in the water for a hundredth time.

This decision is terrible and not only will they upset the game stores that has supported them for many years but also their fans, new gamers who they have just turned away and they will cost jobs in the secondhand game store market too. Microsoft must rethink their decision or Sony and Nintendo will the two consoles that everyone will be buying up at Christmas time this year.