A number of days had past for Daniel Phoenix and his journey to the country town where the last known address of the Witness was. He had was sitting in his car outside of the country town having a drink to himself thinking about what questions he would ask and if he even wanted to talk to him. He finished his drink and turned the car drove off towards the town. He drove through the town centre where only a few people were seen walking the streets. Daniel was also making watch of the men in black in case they had decided to follow his footsteps. He saw a swing set swinging by itself as he noticed the road he needed to go on to reach the ranch where the Witness lived. He turned the car around to go on the road and headed towards the ranch.

In a short time he found the ranch and the driveway which was a long dirt road leading up to what appeared to be old but well maintained ranch house. He stopped the car half way up the driveway and climbed out of the car. He gently closed the car door and fixed up his clothing to at least try to look smarter like his old friend Hayden Norman does. He started to walk up the driveway and noticed an old man in a rocking chair with a rifle by his side. He was cautioned to be slow moving towards the ranch. A voice called out from the rocking chair as the late afternoon air was getting cold.

“Phoniex, come here. I’m surprised it took you this long to find me,” said the voice from the rocking chair.

Daniel felt a feeling of being relaxed. Almost like that the voice was calm and friendly and the tense was broken. He moved up the stairs to the front porch and faced the man with his rifle by his side.

“How did you know I was coming?” Daniel asked.

“You’re a well known in many areas and in areas that many people don’t believe in. Your skills and your questioning would have always have lead you to me. To everyone I’m the Witness but to me I’m called Ted. You can use that name if you like too,” said the old man

Daniel glared at the rifle and was unsure about Ted’s intensions of his use of the gun, “Ignore the rifle here young boy. If I wanted to use it you would been shot by now. I can hear anyone coming up my driveway with much ease. Come sit down next to me so we can speak,” Ted said to comfit him.

Daniel sat down and decided it was time to put some thoughts to Ted known as the Witness, “I’m here to get some answers about a number of cases that have come together by strange connections. I found a Starchild skull and an old missile a while ago which was which seen dropped by a woman called Mary. I have people known as the men in black watching like hawks and someone has died as a result of my investigations. I need to find answers to questions that keep me awake during the night. That digs into my soul and threatens to bring everything that I have worked for all through these years. Can you help me Ted?”

Ted leaned back in his rocking with his white and grey beard moving in the light wind and picked up his rifle and grabbed a cloth from his coat starting to clean it.

“You have anxiety issues Phoenix. I could tell when you came up the driveway.  You know when you are relaxed the answers that you search for can magically appear in one’s thoughts. That’s why I don’t need to ask so many questions,” Ted answered me.

“But these questions are important and I don’t think I can sit down and relax with this stress on my mind,” Daniel replied feeling some tightness inside him.

“Sit down and smell the roses and your mind become clearer. When the fog of darkness disappears the answers will rise. You know that Starchild skull? I have one too right here at my ranch. It’s quite amazing that only the skulls can be found but not the bodies. The missile was not the right age was it?” Ted responded.

“No it wasn’t. How did you know that?”

“The missile was dated because it was reversed engineered by the air force many decades ago by something out of this world. Do you think it was dropped out of the sky by mistake?”

Daniel sat back when Ted stood up and went to an old table next to him and poured out a strong whisky drink for the two of them and handed one to Daniel, “It was no mistake Daniel that what you found was placed there. The woman Mary finding it and how you were contacted when there many UFO experts in her area. She decided to find the best and you were it. Do you think it’s a mistake?” Ted asked again of him.

Daniel took a short sip of his whiskey drink and thought for a moment, “No. Maybe it wasn’t a mistake. Maybe someone was telling me something,”

“Phoenix, you had more than just an encounter with the men in black have you? I hear a whisper after the men in black saw you a UFO appeared. Did the men in black disappear at the same time?”

“Yes they did and the UFO was acting like a crazy pilot like it had no control,” Daniel answered while the whiskey was relaxing him.

Ted leaned forward in his rocking chair, “Now young son, what if I told you I knew who was using that UFO, that small UFO you saw that I know had crashed somewhere in the forests like the one you find the strange objects that Mary found. And what if I told you I know of a fourth starchild. Not the famous one that people know and not the ones you have or I have?”

There was a moment in time when everything around Daniel seemed to stop; he couldn’t hear the wind anymore or the noises of animals in the background near the ranch house. He was fixed to Ted’s words.

“You mean a fourth skull?” he asked him eyeing him and desiring the information from him like a drug.

Ted moved close to his face and eerie silence fell between them, “This one isn’t dead,” he spoke softly.

The eyes widen in fear on Daniel’s face and his anxiety came back like a rush of blood to the head. He leaned back in his chair trying to take in the information.

“That can’t be true, a real alien child hybrid from a grey alien? Is this real?” he asked him.

“You are a believer Phoenix. Your surname is even from a town that had a alien sighting, almost like you were born to do this. In your soul you know this is true. I’m here to help you,”

Daniel tried for a moment to forget what he had just heard and asked another question, “Why are you called the Witness?”

“I have over many decades had more than my fair share of sightings and contacts with greys. I’m seen as a crazy old man like you as a crazy young man. Not once has the men in black has contacted me and I doubt they will follow you here to my ranch. I expect that my encounters have been with a higher order than even them. I witness many things and have visions in my mind. I believe I have been taken away from my home by them a number of times. There are gaps in my life that I cannot explain. Only people you would understand,” Ted answered him cleaning his gun.

“This starchild that is alive. He was the pilot of the UFO that dropped the items for me to find. Why would this alien be looking for me? Are the men in black looking for him too?”

“I don’t know why he is looking for you but I feel that he doesn’t want to reveal himself to you yet. There are still problems ahead for you with the men in black and other aspects. I’m sure they know about the alien child and they want him captured or killed, either way to cover their tracks. The alien child is your smoking gun. The path you are taking is unclear young son and only you have the ability to walk it.”

“How do you know the men in black so well if you have never met them?”

“The alien child is your connection to everything beyond him. The connection must not be broken. It must be saved from those who try to break it,” Ted warned him.

Daniel noticed the line ‘the connection must be broken’ and knew that Ted had visions from his mind. He felt that his visions had shown him the men in black and their plans.

“Can you see the future? What happens next for me or for you?”

“No Phoenix, only what has happened because our future hasn’t been written yet. The alien child will find you one day but there are other cases that will help move closer to the big picture. Why are the aliens here? What is the whole plan of them all?” Ted smiled at him.

“This is hard to take you but thank you for your information,” Daniel said.

“You came here for help and I was there to help you. Have another drink and stay the night. You look tired. It’s a nice quiet night here out on the ranch,” Ted answered with a spring in his step.

Daniel nodded as Ted went inside the ranch house sipping his drink and thinking of the alien child and his new discoveries.