Throughout the universe one tends to wonder what life is about and one tends to travel afar for these answers. What would you think or say if a world within a world existed? That the impossible was the possible. That everything you dreamed of was real in another world. A novel’s dear tales was really true in another time and space. Indeed this tale is one of these worlds. Unexpected to the land and unknown to the world called Earth. One world of a toy existed in another world.


To Earth, Lego was a toy that charmed the little children of the planet. How fun it would be to think that these toys were real. Indeed it would be interesting to you and me. The amazing feature is that there was a real world of Lego all in human form, waiting to be found by a child. There are many other worlds like this one that other children find by accident. Their imagination is the key to open up every world they create and discover.  As we look into this world we shall see what lures the minds of these people. What mysteries will be told in this world…


It was a cold winter night when an old hat was planted down on an old man’s face. He held on to his old clothes that were gray and torn. The man had white hair and a medium sized beard. His face was clear white from the cold and his movement seemed tired and clumsy. A yellow car turned around the block here in Lego City where the tired and clumsy man stepped out as the car screeched to a halt. The young man quickly got out of the car and look at him; he was young and had a black shirt on. On the passenger side there was a helmet of some sort. The old man looked at him and then turned away to move on.

“Hey there, are you ok?” asked the man.

He walked up and turned the old man around to get a better view of his face. His hat was in the way still. The old man was now shaking, cold from the winter nights.

“I’m going to get you to a doctor,” said the young man.

The old man looked at the young man and tossed his head.

“You won’t young man. Because I don’t need one,” he answered back. His accent was very English.

“I’m not taking no for a answer. You look terrible,” he said.

He managed to convince the old man into the car and they drove off. The old man looked out the window and kept to himself. The car stopped at the entrance of the hospital where the young man moved the mystery man to the waiting room. The young man was looking around for a doctor until he noticed one walking pass him.

“Bill, you’re still working?’ he asked him.

“Yeah, still working. I’m bloody tired. I should go home,” answered the doctor.

“Can you look at this old guy? I nearly ran him over,” he asked Bill.

“That’s great Ben, go run over old people in my car. Makes me look good. Anyway Ill have a look at him,” Bill said.


Bill and Ben were in Bill’s doctor room where the old man sat on a bed. Bill checked his eyes out then his mouth out. The doctor frowned and gave a disappointing look at him.

“You haven’t been looking after yourself haven’t you?” asked the doctor.

“No I haven’t, I haven’t had good sleep in a while, that’s all,” answered the old man.

“Do you have a place to stay?’ asked Bill.

“ No, not really. I don’t have what you call money. If that’s what you mean,” he answered him back.

Bill closed his eyes and got up as Ben followed him out of the doctor’s room.

“We can’t leave him here, he might go missing or something,” said Ben.

“I’m not in the mood for babysitting,” said Bill.

Ben gave a dishearten look as if Bill was the big bad wolf in all of this. He gave a look at the old man and tossed his head in defeat.

“I always get sucked into these things.”

“I’ll tell him we’re taking him home,” cried Ben walking back into the room.

“ This the last time I take strange old men back to my house,” Bill said to himself.

The yellow car was driving again through the night streets of the Lego City. Ben was in the back with the man as he asked him about his reasons being here.

“Why are you in the city?’

“Looking for someone,” he answered Ben.

“ Interesting,” thought Ben.


The old man didn’t say much during the ride and kept on looking out the window. It seemed he was thinking of something or someone. His mind wasn’t in the car or with him at that point.  He looked towards the harbor and the tall buildings that he never saw in his life. The car pulled up to the house that Bill and Ben shared and the three of them entered the house. You could see easily who was who in the house, Bill’s section was quite clean and straight while Ben’s are was messy and always in need of a clean up. The old man sat on the lounge in front of the T.V. Ben started dinner as Bill sat down next to the old man.

“What’s your name?’ Bill asked the man.

“People call me Wizard because I am one,” he answered again.

Ben came in with some dinner and whispered Bill a message in his ear.

“ Did you check if he was knocked around in the head?” he asked him.

“He’s fine Ben, don’t worry about that.”

The wizard drank some water and then put the drink on the small table that stood in front of the T.V. He rolled his eyes and broke his silence to the pair.

“I think I have found the people I was searching for.”

“And who’s that?” asked a curious Bill.

“It’s you two,” answered back the wizard.

Bill pulled a worried look and gave a flash look at Ben as he only could give a similar look to him. The pair was shocked at the wizard’s reply.