March 24th 1927

The Time Cruisers appeared like flash driving down near a river around large thick trees when Dr. Cyber, Hayden, and Daniel looked around the area to see if it was safe to get out and explore. Dr. Cyber opened the car door and poped out to adjust a brown suit and hat he put on before the trip was made.

“Blending in with the crowd of the time period is very important and you can’t be waving your device scanner around too much Daniel or too Hayden.  We have to make sure that we are safe and that no problems are created. We can’t also change things here because it will affect the future in some or a great degree,” he told the pair who came out of the time cruiser to have a look around.

“First time as a time traveler this is just amazing to even be here,” Hayden said to Dr. Cyber.

“This man’s house is not far from we are so it’s only a short walk away from here.” Dr. Cyber explained to them.

The three of them wandered up the town where they saw markets and horses wandering around with some old cars driving by.

“The roaring twenties it was a good period for plenty of people,” Daniel Phoenix commented on looking at the people around the town.

They soon arrived at a small and nicely made house where the writer of the book about Blackburn lived. Hayden tapped on the door and soon enough the door opened with a old man appeared.

“May I help you?” he asked.

`”Are you Harold? The man who wrote the book on Valentine Blackburn. We have a great interest in your stories about him and wish to talk more about it,” Dr. Cyber asked him.

“Why yes I did write that book a while ago. You may come in and we can talk. I’m surprised that anyone would be keenly interested in it,” Harold said letting the three of them inside.

It was neat and cozy lounge room Harold had as Dr. Cyber sat down as Harold served them tea. A radio was heard in the background while Hayden and Daniel were looking around the house still soaking in the idea of being a time traveler.

“We have read the whole book and we think the events that you wrote will have impacts in the future. What we wanted to know was if there was anything that was left out of the book you know something that the publishers didn’t want in it?” Dr. Cyber asked.

“They left out some of the details of the murders he created during the time he was alive. The book that Blackburn uses is a cursed and wicked thing. I always thought the two were in sync. They both want t achieve the same things in life and that is to rule the world in what they desire the most which is this world. Blackburn always felt left out of the social world because he was a writer and thought different to others.  His obsessions grew and the line between good and evil blurred to a point where it didn’t exist to him anymore. His life goal was more important than life itself.

I believe the war will come and the person that he and the book will pick will have similar struggles to him,” Harold replied to Dr. Cyber.

“What struggles do you think they have together?” Daniel asked curious on the statement.

“Well they will both be people outside of the normal social world. They would feel like outsiders. His other author in the war would be battled scared in life,” Harold answered.

“Let’s say we know this other person maybe in the future and that he hasn’t been in a war or battle himself. What do you say about that?” Hayden asked Harold.

“No, that’s not what I meant. What I meant was this person has problems inside of him. Personal battles within him a damaged soul through time. This person deals with life like everyone else but questions the point of his life on the inside. He may be able to create worlds of wonder but there is a darkness within that he struggles with and each of those characters he creates there’s a seed in them all questioning why the decisions they make and why does the life that unfolds and the cruel nature of events always happen to them. I’m sure his characters like have been battled scare for many years without question as to why,” Harold answered.

“I’m sure that his characters think that every day,” Dr. Cyber said quietly with Daniel and Hayden pausing for a moment thinking of their own losses and questions in life.

“There was one more thing to talk about. A man came a few days ago talking about the very book. I am so silly for not saying this first. He called himself Vulture,” Dr. Cyber cut into Harold’s words with a sudden worry.

“We do know him and he’s a dangerous person. What did he do while he was here?” he asked.

“He was quite the charming person when he was here. He wanted to know about the book and discuss about the Quill Knife. It is a weapon that I didn’t put in the book because there wasn’t enough information on it. It is rumored to be the piece that can help destroy the author’s war book that Blackburn owns.  He said if someone called a Cyber came to see me that you should visit him at the local hostel down the road. It’s the only one we have in the town. He seemed concerned about events in the future stating he was trapped here. I still don’t know what he meant by that,” Harold said.

“Thank you for telling me that. We might go and see him now and what he has to say,” Dr. Cyber said.

They quickly shook his hand went out of the house with a smiling and waving Harold at the door. Hayden and Daniel noticed Dr. Cyber jogging down the main street of the town, “Is this Vulture person a threat to us?” Daniel asked him.

“He’s been a problem for my family and the Legomen for decades. He tends to try to change time periods to suit his future. Despite only catching him a few times, he always a way to escape even when Zare our biggest threat to our world was defeated. There’s the hotel right there,” he replied to Daniel.

The three of them pushed open the doors quickly to see Vulture sitting down having a drink looking squaring at Dr. Cyber with a grin. He wore a black hat with his well known beard and military black suit. He raised his drink to Dr. Cyber, “I thought you would have retired by now and let young Cody do all the leg work. Even your son Percy is getting too old for this caper. Is he and Sandra still fighting over nothing in their marriage of theirs?” he asked the scientist.

“I like to know why you are here in the middle of this great danger. Don’t you know you are messing with something bigger than all of us together?” Dr. Cyber asked him.

“Of course I do,” Vulture answered standing up, “I’m trapped here because of a bloody time block on my time machine. I can’t travel back to my own time because something related to that book you are reading is doing this to me. They might not like Vulture helping you out in the present day or trying to find out something new in this time period. You will be time blocked out of everything very soon so you should be hoping on the time cruiser as soon as possible.”

“What’s a time block?” Hayden asked Dr. Cyber.

“It’s when time machines or any device can’t travel to a certain time period based on a technology or magic blocking system. Blackburn is a few steps ahead of us and maybe didn’t think we would be going to see Harold at all. So Vulture you are actually helping us for once?”

“I don’t want to leave my time period without my time machine and I can stay here to protect this person so he write the book and give you and whoever poorly dressed people you are within this time period the chance to actually solve this problem for me. You see it’s all about getting what we want in life. I help you with this problem you have and you don’t drag me back to LegoLand for all the major crimes I have done. You know I never killed anyone under Zare’s control. If only he figured out a real plan to beat the Legomen he would be your ruler and I would free control of time and space,” Vulture replied to Dr. Cyber.

“Can we not get into you two’s bitter history about your home for a moment? Let’s just take Vulture by his word. He wants the time block to be removed so he can freely move around in time and we need him here to protect Harold from any problems. We have to go now and make sure this information is given to the rest of us,” Hayden told the two of them.

Dr. Cyber and Vulture nodded in agreement and Dr. Cyber turned to Vulture for a last time to ask him something, “Why would you do this for us? Why are worried about Blackburn and what he can do to us. Zare has similar feelings about the world too. Why help us now?”

“I may have been to escape every time against your family but what Blackburn has in store for all of them is something I could ever run away from. He will find us all and destroy us. You cannot run from a writer who controls the minds of all that exists. I do fear him and I know if your family is helping to stop, there is a small chance of winning than no chance at all,” Vulture replied to him.

Dr. Cyber was silent; it was likely the nicest words that Vulture will ever say about the same family that has thwarted all his plans over the years, “Thank you. We will try our best and we will meet again. I’m sure.”

The three headed outside of the hotel to decide to return to the time cruiser to go back to their time period to fill in the blanks of the Blackburn story.


It was in the afternoon when I was resting my head against the wall in the hide out area that Wizard and Daniel Phoenix had worked on and we had been making our plans inside. Roger the Barbarian came up to me and nodded towards me.

“You’re not someone built for war are you?” he told me.

“No I’m not and I know you have been through many of them,” I replied.

“I have paid for my sins over the years and I feel that I have redeemed myself when I took the role of being in the band with Walter, Levi, and Duncan,” Roger replied.

“I wish I could these worlds and see it with my own eyes but with what Blackburn is doing he’s blocked access to the people that you and other care about. The people here I think are the ones who will have to come together to make this work,”

Roger sat down next to me dwarfing my already slim body and mind when he wanted to ask me something, “They said these people have a connection to you. What is my connection to you?” he asked me.

“Wow, Umm I mean you display some of my anger in life. Seeing the injustice and that you have caused some sins yourself and how do you live with that, how do you cope with those feelings and what do you do in the future. I’m always wondering about tomorrow. What it might bring for me and what challenges there are. You are one of the strongest people I know and that you learnt how to be kind and understanding to others and didn’t want to walk down the past like you have before. We need people like you. How we can change for the better,” I answered him.

“Do you learn much from us at all?” Roger asked me.

“I think I learn from you all that the struggles that we have can be overcome. No matter how big they are. At least I try my best to believe in that.”

“Can we win this war? Can we seriously do this?”

“I don’t know. Since I started this with everyone I feel a strange pain inside me. Almost like a sadness but I can’t describe it.” I replied still wondering what the problem was with me.

Professor Walken and Chisoutsa came up to us with some news, “We have heard back from Dr. Cyber who just arrived here. There are time blocks everywhere and the portals to our worlds have been shut down. We are all getting the feeling that Blackburn is moving in for the kill. He’s trapped us all in your world. There is a something called the Quill Knife and that we have located the area where it’s been kept. We are taking a team out there to get it. We want you to go with us and see it for yourself. This is will able to test out your power suit in battle,” the Professor said to me and Roger.

“Who’s coming with us?” Roger asked.

“I believe myself, you two, Chisoutsa, Lucas, and Cody Cyber. This unit is about getting the knife and getting out there alive. It’s located in a ghost town due to this war. There has also been word that most of our universes are under heavy attack from Blackburn’s armies. The Kingdom of Evermore is close to falling. I’m sorry to tell you that Roger,” Professor Walken replied.

Roger smashed the ground with his hand in a fit of rage, “I should be there and not here. They lured me here to cut me off from my home.”

“He’s done it to everyone here. City of Demons is being bombed as we speak. Allegheri the Vampire and the Xtreme Squad are under major pressure to call on the public to fight with them.  There’s nothing I can do being trapped here but the source of the problem is here too,” Chisoutsa answered Roger’s rage.

The group moved off towards this ghost town that they spoke about. We wandered through the empty buildings and burned items found on the ground. Cody Cyber went behind me to fix up my power suit and added a power block to it. It gave a slight zap to myself when he inserted it into the suit.

“We can’t have it flashing red for danger. Keep it green and safe I tell ya. You know Chris there’s something I don’t understand about this author is that we haven’t seen any characters from him. All we have seen is him,” he asked.

“That is a good subject you have brought up. I don’t understand that too,” Professor Walken replied.

“He has armies of foot soldiers, cold and cunning creatures of aliens. You remember all the images from his tower. He doesn’t have any known characters he writes about himself mostly and his own struggles for power. It’s his thoughts and willpower that is his greatest character. He doesn’t have to create characters, it’s what he uses myself is where the real power and destruction will come from,” I explained to the group.

“Like seriously he’s fucking enough of a problem for all of us. I don’t want to deal with more shitheads like him,” Chisoutsa added in.

“Well yes words to that effect I agree with,” I answered with a smile.

We moved into one empty building when Chisoutsa and I moved to a smaller room. Chisoutsa moved around an army official checking any movement with a black eagle gun. As I turned around to see her the doors all shut on both side of the room and a shadow appeared in front of Chisoutsa, Valentine appeared knocking Chisoutsa to the ground and he came towards me. I could her cries and noises from the other room as Roger and Cody trying to break down the door to get inside.

“You’re here to find the Quill Knife too?” I asked him.

“No I’m here for you. The knife is useless in the hands of your characters, they are weak and have no backbone like yourself,” Valentine said to me. He grabbed me and pushed me against the wall.

“Your power suit is impressive but the type of pain I want to come from you won’t be shielded by your suit. It’s starting to happen, the stress upon your soul,” Valentine told me.

I looked out the window to see his soldiers looking around the ghost town in the cold looking for the knife. They were heavy built looking machines but I also something else. The reflection of my hair has shades of grey in it. I had no idea how that happened. I did not have grey hair not even a hour ago. Valentine dropped me to the ground where I checked my hair to see the grey.

“What is this, what does this mean to me?” I asked.

“I am a soul breaker and we are very much alike. The death of the Ice element was hard on you and hearing of the damages that your fantasy worlds you created will be crushing to your soul .That there is no way you can go to protect them. The star players are trapped from the outside worlds helplessly watching their cities and their homes burn because of me.  But I want to help you understand what you truly are,” Valentine said.

“Help me with what exactly?” I asked still up against the wall watching his every move.

“You are a damaged soul like myself. Years of your depression tearing and striping pieces of your soul away from you. You have tried so hard to hide it from the world and from the people you know. I want to show the world what you truly are, a soul that is breaking into pieces. Let’s not hide the hurt and the pain anymore. Let’s show the world your depression, your fears the voice inside your head that doubts the life you live and if you wish to finish it all,” he replied to me.

“My depression is a personal battle that only I can fight. It has nothing to do with the war.”

“It has everything to do with the war. Look at Chisoutsa and how she can’t figure out how to unleash her pain of no childhood. The years missed having parents or a real family. Look at the weather element of Ice who was never loved and left to die by themselves with only you a young boy who was there. Does that remind you of a past moment in your life that destroyed your world? The ThunderDragon is angry and bitter at the world for the problems that has happened to him and how helpless he is now. He had his chances and now everything is gone for him.” Blackburn reminded me.

“Those issues are in my past now. I have dealt with them now,” I answered determined not to let him win.

“But it still hurts doesn’t it. I have made sure your depression, your pain and anxiety will show in a psychical form. The hair will change color and the world you will see will turn dark and black and that ray of hope and light that you dream of will be gone soon enough. Your pain will shown to the world and your characters will see their leader will all hope gone that they win the war and they will break too.”

“This won’t break me. I’ve been a lot in my life so far and this won’t stop me,” I told him.

“You can only go through so much pain. This is just the beginning and I will make sure of it,” Valentine replied turning around pointing at the soldiers to keep looking for the Quill Knife. I went over to Chisoutsa to see if she was ok.

“Are you hurt, are you fine?” I asked her.

“I’m fine, just a fucking headache. What did he do to you?” Chisoutsa asked getting back up and rubbing her head.

“Just abit of stress I think. I’ll be fine,” I replied.

The door busted opened with Roger coming in with his broadsword out, “Where are the solider moving?” he asked.

“Over to the other building. Valentine told them to search that building it’s the last one around here. We have to move to get that knife now,” I told Roger.

“Leave it to me,” Roger said heading out and smashing down the door in front of him. Cody Cyber and Chisoutsa moved out with him towards the soldiers.  A squad of twenty turned around with their guns and started firing at them. Roger took off grabbing one soldier’s body and throwing it across into the wall of a building. Chisoutsa fired a round of bullets at a group. Roger dodged a line of bullet and slit the throat of one the soldiers coming at him. Professor Walken grabbed me and took me around the building site and we pushed our way into the back room. We saw the Quill Knife oddly enough lying in the side of the room.

“For something so important to left here of all places sounds weird,” I said to the Professor.

“If no one think it’s so important it doesn’t if it’s safe or not. No one thought it would be this important. Go and get the knife and I’ll keep watch on you,” Professor Walken said.

I charged into the side of the room when a group of soldiers came in and fired at my back. I grabbed the Quill Knife and ran back to the Professsor and we shut the back door on them.

“Shit I was shot. They shot me! And I’m not dead?” I cried half in shock.

“It’s a war and you are wearing a power suit. This item created by Mr. Umezu is working like a charm. You have to remember to watch the power levels too. If it blinks orange you have lost half of your power, if it’s red you need to recharge the suit as soon as possible,” he replied.

The two of us took off back where Roger and Chisoutsa were throwing the soldiers around the place leaving a blood bath on the ground. I started feeling sick looking at the dead and moved away to a corner to not be sick.

“Shit I forgot about people not used to this,” Chisoutsa said to Roger.

“He’ll have to live with it. There’ll be more on the way. Did you notice where Valentine went?” he asked Chisoutsa.

“Nah, couldn’t find him after he knocked the back of my head. He appeared and disappeared like nothing. At least we have this knife despite not really knowing what it does,” she answered him.

Professor Walken and I appeared with the Quill Knife and showed the pair the object in my hands, “We need to protect it if it is important to our quest,” Roger commented on the object.

“Let’s get the hell out of here and return it home. I’m slightly tired from all of this. The body feels funny like a stress or something,” Chisoutsa replied.

I noticed what she said the words that Blackburn told me earlier but I didn’t want to believe much of it. I kept quiet and went with them back to the home base. We had won the first battle but at what price was not known.