The man in black appeared in front of Sonia with the other next to Jack. The man next to Sonia was pain white figured men while the other had sunglasses like the first but a strange skin and feeling to him. There was no one around the area and it felt for them that no sound was around too, no wind, no traffic, just a strange feeling that only the four of them existed in that spot.

“Good morning. Have we been behaving ourselves today?” he asked her.

“I don’t know what you’re talking about,” Sonia answered.

“You know what I’m talking about. You’re digging too deep and one of you has paid the price. You don’t want to be the next person. The connection must be broken,” he spoke to her.

Sonia stayed calm for a moment and started to question him, “Who are you talking about?”

“The connection must be broken or you will be broken,” he told her.

The other man in black stared at Jack and said, “Do as you’re told sir.” Jack noticed that his skin particular was very white and that his eyes were very black, larger than what most human eyes were. Jack looked at the other man in black to see if he was like the other. He seemed to fit the human profile but his personality was odd and robotic like. He felt he couldn’t have a discussion with him at all.

The pair started to wander away from Sonia and Jack as they got into the car and locked the doors. Jack pushed the button to let the window slide down and popped his head out to see where they were going but they were gone in a flash – nowhere to be seen.

“What have they done? We have to get to Daniel or maybe we are too late!” Jack cried. The car took off quickly turning around in the traffic and headed to Daniel’s house. The car drove around the block where Daniel’s house was and they stopped. The two stopped and jumped out of the car and ran to the door where it was half open. Jack busted into the room to Daniel sitting on the lounge with a hand on Doug’s back. Sonia followed in and watched the two of them looking upset.

“What happened?” she asked.

“Geoff called Doug just a few moments ago. Their boss has died early this morning,” Daniel answered.

“That’s what they meant,” Jack said to the group.

“Who said that?” Doug asked turning up his head to Jake.

“We had another run in with the men in black. They said that someone paid the price of digging into these affairs,” Jack explained.

Doug looked over to his laptop and thought about the information that he took last night, “Maybe my boss was doing some digging himself or maybe they thought he took the information and that’s why he died. This can’t be about aliens, this is some cover up job for something else,” Doug spoke quietly and confused.

Daniel leaned down at Doug on the lounge, “This is not some normal cover up. The men in black was watching someone in your building and they thought more than likely that your boss was the only one who had access to those files. He was the head of department in that section and you were his assistant in that area. You’re not in danger but you are now the head boss. You will need to watch out for yourself. It’s time for me to find The Witness. Jack and Sonia will come with me to find this person,” he explained to him.

“So what do want me to do in the meanwhile? Become a sitting duck to them and my wife that they threatened too? This can’t be about aliens, it just can’t be!” Doug cried.

“I can’t make you believe but one day you will and I will be there to support you,” Daniel answered.

They had planned to go traveling to find the Witness and leave Doug in the city to keep working and staying low.


It was a couple of hours in the car where they were heading to a town of where Daniel knew of a trusted and old friend of his in high school when a video call came in on his laptop where Jack and Sonia were in the back seats working on the case.

“Dr. Carter! It’s great to hear from you. I believe you were one of the first to receive the news about Doug’s bosses death?” Jack said to him via the video.

“Yes I was and that’s part of the reason you going to see Daniel’s childhood friend. It appears your friend had killed himself via poison but there is a number of faction of the report that doesn’t seem clear. How the poison came to be and that the elements of the poison are unknown. The report itself is quite rushed and almost to lead to believe that someone upstairs was making sure that not the real true came out. I’m sorry but that’s all the information I can give you and Daniel,” he answered.

“That information about the Starchild skull and old missile is true right? The fact that the missile is older than what the public knows,” Sonia asked Dr. Carter.

“All that information and research was done at least four times. I myself personally did that and the first time let me tell you I didn’t believe the results at first. I’ll let you young ones explain that to me one day,” Dr. Carter answered with a smile.

Sonia and Jack let the doctor leave the video chat as Daniel pulled the car up in a town at a house in the driveway. Daniel got out of the car first and closed the door as a man around his age appeared outside the door. He had black hair with a black jacket and jeans. He was smart dresser compared to Daniel ‘slap up’ dressing style and came down to greet his old friend.

“My old friend Daniel Phoniex!” called out the man

“And my old friend Hayden Norman, how are you going?” Daniel answered giving each other a hug.

Jack and Sonia stood in the background as Jack didn’t appear to know Hayden that well, “Who is he again. I remember Daniel talking about him from time to time.”

“Hayden is well known as a paranormal specialist. Daniel’s into aliens and UFO’s and Hayden’s the one into ghosts and spirits. Both of them went to high school and both have helped each other out when needed over the years,” Sonia said helping to fill in the gaps.

Hayden came over to see Sonia and Jack, “And I know all about you two and your good work you have done so far with Daniel. Come inside for tea and we can chat about your discoveries.”

The group went inside Hayden’s house to discuss about the latest news and how he could help them on their way to solving them.