A figure stood by the edge of the city , his eyes fixed on his new found land, LegoLand. He was not Lego, nor was he good. He was a creature who was out casted by life itself. Now was his time to rule the world and take it from the man who he hated most.

“Wizard, the famous Dragon Knight’s leader. I am sicken that he’s trying to reunite the Legomen again. The older Legomen failed and I can’t see why this version will too,” he said to himself.

He had gray skin and had Armour on him, a sinful looking staff he carried with him at all times. His eyes burning with fire, he turned around to see strange slave, only called Scarface because of the very name. He was short and shy. He seemed to be scared of everything. His master called for him.

“Scarface come here at once. The wizard is here in the Lego City to re create the Legomen again. I do question his stupidly about this matter,” he called out.

“Oh yes you do dear master. You will rule LegoLand in no time,” Scarface cried with a weak voice.

“Yes I can see it now. Me, the most powerful wizard in all the land. Zare the greatest!” he roared out laughing.

“Yes you will, yes you will!” cried out Scarface.

The darkness fell and only Zare’s firefly eyes were seen in the dark.


Bill shook Wizard’s arm as he was daydreaming while he was watching T.V with the pair.

“I’m fine. I just thought maybe something was out there in the City. I’m fine Bill, sorry,” he answered

Bill and Ben continued to watch the 7pm news when Wizard was thinking to himself. He sensed that Zare that entered the Lego City and was preparing for attack. He just kept to himself that night.


The police van was in full throttle as it was racing through the old parkland just south of the city.

“You can feel the speed of the van now,” shouted out Ben over the engine.

“Yeah, fast,” sighed Bill.

“I believe this battle weapon has turned out well,” said Wizard.

“I hate to say it but it has,” groaned Bill.

The van raced around a corner and suddenly a blast ripped open a hole in the ground as the van came a sudden halt. The three quickly opened the doors to get out until the sound of gun shots was heard.

“What was that?” cried Bill in a panic.

“Someone’s trying to shoot us,” excited an excited Ben.

Wizard look around the old parkland until he saw the enemy.

“It’s Hook again. It’s time to stop him,” cried Wizard grabbing out the dragon swords.


Bill and Ben grabbed each a sword and followed Wizard out towards the gun shots. They saw up in the hills the pair shooting down at the Legomen.

“Use your sword to deflect the bullets,” suggested Wizard to the frightened Bill and Ben open in battle for the first time. Bill flashed his sword around his legs to stop Hook’s bullets.

The burning sun was playing havoc with the players when Ben sat down tired.

“I should have bring a drink or something,” puffed out Ben in his black helicopter suit. He always with him where ever he went somewhere adventurous. Wizard jumped up on the hill where Cpatain Hook and the old wizard instantly launched into a sword duel.

“You’re quite the famous one for yourself aren’t you?” asked Wizard.

“What does that mean old wizard,” shouted the captain.

“Well by what I mean old captain is that you’re the old captain of Black Skull until you lost it. I’ve done a bit of background information on you,” smiled the wizard.

Captain Hook strike his sword at Wizard as he swing it off his own sword

“I just wonder why you’re attacking us all the time. There isn’t a point in these little battles you play out Captain Hook,” questioned Wizard.


Bill was fighting Assistant nearby Wizard and Captain Hook, suddenly Bill loss his sword ,and fell hard on the ground. Ben shouted out to Bill down from the hill. Wizard turned around to face Bill as he received a bash in the chest by Captain Hook.

“You silly old man Wizard. Looks like the party’s over for you,” smiled the captain at last.

Bill and Ben was struck down and Wizard was on the ground. Suddenly a spear shot from the air and startled Assistant where tripped over a rock to the ground. A shield hit Hook in the face as he walked in a zigzag following by a bash on the ground. Bill looked up at the stranger also Wizard too.

“Kevin from the Dragon Knights. What are you doing teaching city slickers sword fighting,” cried out the stranger at Wizard.

Kevin was dressed in a red gown knight suit and worn a helmet with a point on his head and came around to his ears. He had black hair a rather displeasing look at the wizard.

“Who else am I supposed to teach, They’re part of the Legomen,” spoke the wizard.

Bill slowly got up raise a point to his wizard friend. Ben followed in a faster manner.

“I thought you knew no one in the city?” asked Bill.

“True, this is Kevin. One of my own guards at the Dragon Knights castle. He was making his way to the city. He has been working out links on my missing dragon Bill. You came in the nick of time,” smiled Wizard rubbing his chest.

“I always do when you’re into trouble. You’re not the best sword fighter I’ve seen,” smiled Kevin.

“I’m alright, am I,” asked Wizard.

“Excuse me but I wish to leave before mad man Hook wakes up from his slaughter of the shield,” noted Bill.

“We better Kevin, follow us,” received Wizard.

The group wandered down to the police van and Kevin pulled a funny look.

“What is that?” he asked.

“Battle weapon,” smiled Wizard getting inside the van.

“It’s Ben’s stupid invention,” whispered Bill as he followed Wizard.

“I heard that,” cried out Ben behind Bill.

“Lucky that I did come in time,” thought Kevin to himself.