There have been suggestions that the character shown in the Zelda trailer was a girl and the internet has been buzzing by the comments that Eiji Aonuma made that in the trailer no one said who the character was. I’m going out on a limb and thinking it might be the daughter of Link and Zelda. The timeline of this new game is unknown and could be set anywhere so the chance of being the daughter could be likely and there’s nothing suggestion that it can’t be so. Her body frame is leaner and looks more like Zelda but with the hair of her father. She’s using her father’s horse or a child of the horse while using what looks to be something that her mother Zelda would use in terms of a bow. While it doesn’t look like the Bow of Light, it might be something special made for her. A mix of the Bow of Light and the Master Sword. She could be told a story by Link on how to obtain the Master Sword when she was a child in case in a flashback when a great evil comes over the land again. 

 Has the the parent’s blood to use the Bow of Light and the Master Sword together. This has the ability open up the doors to great storyline ideas. Anouma discusses the idea of bringing The Legend of Zelda back to it’s roots of the original title on the NES where it was known and created the genre of open worlds on game consoles. Over the past two decades the games moved towards a step by step dungeon titles that made players feel trapped and unable to explore the world around them meaning they only had one direction to take in order to finish the game.

A Link between Worlds returns the idea of a open world by allowing  you to complete dungeons in any order that you wished. [quote align=”right” width=”30%”]By returning to these original roots maybe Aonuma thought of the idea of starting afresh by introducing a new generation of hero into the story by having the daughter of the Hero of Time and the Queen of Hyrule.[/quote] The storyline could also involved her carrying the weight on the fact she is the daughter and grand things are expected of her.  By the look of her in the trailer she carries the same kind nature of her father but with more edge and with Nintendo pushing more towards female players this could be the perfect chance for them to introduce a strong female character who respectfully does more than what Zelda herself has done in the series.  If you remember back in Skyward Sword the image of Zelda presented was a blonde young girl that looks simliar to the characters you in the Wii U trailer. The story line could have taken place in the future of Skyward Sword but it would be based on land more. As with the history of Zelda there are many different timelines and that the idea of a new character such like things isn’t that far fetched. 

This theory does have some ground to it in terms of Anouma wanting to change how you play The Lengend of Zelda, returning it back to where it used to be nearly 30 years ago. The clothing of this character is not Link and the weapon of choice is different to past trailers where you have likely have seen the Master Sword in action. Nintendo only has one strong female character in Samus of Metriod and by them learning to include females in the dev process of Animal Crossing New Leaf they have been learning new ways to open up the gender issues they have had in the past.  If we are shaking up the series by returning to a open world than having a new character might be the way to go and by having someone who looks like Link but is female instead could something that again changes the story keeps the series interesting again. A new Hero of Time has come.